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In a world becoming more volatile and unsettled than ever before, VIP and Executive Protection Services are in high demand. High-net-worth individuals, executives, and dignitaries may be exposed to more personal risk and have been steadily turning to the protection services offered by private executive security. ASA is the high-profile executive security company our VIP clientele choose to provide executive protection solutions.

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Executive Protection Agency: Security Services and Risk Management for VIPs and High-Net-Worth Individuals

We are an executive protection specialist with more than 20 years of experience providing clients with personal protective services worldwide. We provide VIP executive protection for charitable organizations, members of five royal families, world-famous elite sports personalities, A-list Hollywood stars, government officials, business moguls, and high-net-worth families. Our highly-trained tactical executive protection personnel are employed to safeguard the client and ensure they have the most appropriate level of protection, whether at home or traveling.

ASA key management team members are highly trained and qualified to be personal protection officers with an amalgamation of military, corporate, and law enforcement backgrounds. They oversee every detail of our executive protection security services operations. Our executive protection services include completing Country Risk Profiles, Threat Risk and Vulnerability Surveys, and security and safety assessments tailored to clients’ needs. The VIP protection team also conducts technical reviews and recommendations for CCTV, access control, and related systems.

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VIP Protection and Executive Security Services 24 Hours a Day

As an executive private security company that has worked with diverse clients from varied backgrounds through our years of operation, we understand that the requirement for executive personal protection is different for each individual. ASA offers an executive security service at your disposal 24 hours a day. Potential security threats and hazards don’t take weekends and holidays off, nor does our tactical executive protection team.

In addition to our office locations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and the United Kingdom, where ASA executive protection services staff are based, we have a global network of partners. We reinforced our VIP protection services with former co-workers. We collaborate with trusted regional operators who ensure our executive protection agency provides the highest level of executive private security, day and night, all year round. Clients have an executive protection officer at all times.

We Are Proud To Be Considered One Of The Top Executive Protection Companies In The World

Since the founding of ASA in Manila in 1999, we have worked relentlessly to provide our clientele with the finest executive security services available globally. After more than twenty years of training and assembling an elite team of close protection personnel and offering executive protection for hire, we have been rewarded with a high proportion of repeat business from satisfied clients and a befitting reputation within the executive protection specialist industry.

Every VIP protection security project we work on is an opportunity to set a new standard of excellence. We never promise a service we can’t deliver at the highest possible level. Great teams are the building blocks of successful organizations, and that has been proven with our executive protection agency. Executive protection is a part of everyday living for some high-profile clients, and providing first-rate protection service has positioned us among the best executive protection companies in the world.

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If you require executive protection services in the form of a close protection executive security service, ASA is always happy to discuss our range of executive protection solutions. We offer services for the personal security of low-level, low-profile individuals who may require a single executive protection agent to a high-profile high-threat client requiring an armed team of executive security service agents. Speak with a certified executive security specialist today concerning private and corporate executive protection service options.

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How Our VIP Protection Services and Executive Protection Works

Once you contact ASA, you can choose from our close protection services. If you are still determining what level of personal protection you require, we can offer executive security consulting services to ensure adequate protection is provided. After selecting the domestic or international executive protection level, corporate security service and executive protection costs can be finalized, and you’ll receive a payment request. Upon completing executive protection service details, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your executive protection personal security specialist will ensure your safety throughout the project.


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Urgently Need Executive Protection Services? Request an Instant Quote

Many people need protection services for many different reasons. In a world where VIPs may be exposed to potential threats, executive protection services are crucial for personal safety. If you require short or long-term executive protection services tailored to your needs, contact ASA executive personal protection specialists for an instant quote for your security requirements. If you urgently require high-level personal security, executive protection doesn’t come more sophisticated, detailed, and professional than with ASA.


VIP and Executive Security Company FAQs

What is executive security protection?

VIP executive protection, sometimes referred to as close protection, is the management of security and risk reduction to ensure the personal safety of an individual or group. Executive protection for hire is most commonly used by high-profile VIPs who may be otherwise unprotected against an elevated level of risk. Executive bodyService services and close protection are often required because the client is high-profile, has a high net worth, or is a public political figure. Executive protection is also utilized when traveling to specific geographical locations with civil unrest.

What is the role of an executive protection agent?

It is the responsibility of an executive protection agent to serve as the physical protector for a client to preserve their welfare. An executive protection specialist can conduct counter-surveillance operations, protective planning, threat vulnerability assessments, transport clients, respond to emergencies, and perform medical procedures. To be a competent and effective protection agent requires a high level of expert training and skill.

What security situations are covered when hiring security specialists for VIP protection?

Executive protection is essential to many individuals for personal or work travel. In a world with many potential risks to personal safety, using security can minimize those risks and provide peace of mind. An executive protection specialist assesses risks, vulnerabilities, and threats. An executive security Service must memorize entrances, exits, and parking situations. They are responsible for creating exit plans and accompanying clients while traveling. Executive protection service personnel must also conduct surveillance to help ensure that no third party is performing counter-surveillance.

Who are the best executive protection companies worldwide?

ASA has become highly regarded in the private security industry worldwide and has worked with countless high-profile, high-risk clients on various corporate executive protection operations. With many high-end repeat clients and the experience and ability to complete complex and detailed international executive protection in almost every country worldwide, we are unsurprisingly perceived as one of the top VIP protection agencies in the region.

How much does executive protection cost?

The answer to this will depend very much on how many highly trained protection team members are required for an operation, the details of the project regarding logistics and any possible surveillance required, and the need for any additional executive protection solutions. The executive protection cost of a single officer for executive protection services can be several hundred dollars per day for primary escort duties. If you need close protection services, we offer complete VIP protection services and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Does ASA Security Services offer executive security consulting?

ASA is proud to offer a high-end executive security consulting service as a stand-alone service or as part of an executive protection security services package. The consulting service would be bespoke and tailored to your demands. The security consultation would envelope physical, technical, and workforce operations. It includes Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Surveys, Country Risk Profiles, plus security and safety assessments. Your private executive security consultation will also comprise any recommendations regarding CCTV, access control, and all associated systems.

Is ASA Security Services a certified executive security specialist?

ASA is a fully accredited and certified executive security specialist operating armed and unarmed high-level international executive protection operations globally since 1999. The senior management at ASA has comprehensive experience in the security industry, and every private security provider we work with comes from a military, law enforcement, or private security background.

Do you offer armed executive protection at your executive protection agency?

ASA executive protection security officers are licensed and can carry a firearm when permitted by local law. Some projects we work on and destinations we travel to require an executive protection agent to be armed to serve the client’s interests best.

Why is ASA Security Services considered one of the top VIP protection agencies?

We run a high-end executive protection security firm with a proven history of delivering the highest standards of close protection to executives and VIP clients. We have an immaculate safety record of operating worldwide for one-off projects and long-term operations across multiple destinations. A combination of many things, including our attention to detail, professionalism, and privacy, all help to make us one of the top executive protection companies available to provide an executive protection officer or an armed executive protection team.