ASA VIP security services offer high-profile people the highest level of security when visiting for private or professional reasons in Indonesia. Call on the team at ASA to assign a personal security guard in Indonesia and ensure your trip is worry free.

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Our Private Security In Indonesia Offers Total Protection

We’ve established ourselves as the leading provider of executive security services in Indonesia and have built a staff of highly experienced, educated and ready to serve personal bodyguards having a background in both the police and the military. Our unparalleled Indonesia personal security services offer an unbeatable service to HNW as well as VIPs and famous people that allow effortless travel around the nation. If you are in need of secure protection within Indonesia the professionals are trained by military personnel as well as law enforcement agencies around the world have been trained to work under the most extreme tension in almost any environment.

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ASA's Executive Protection In Indonesia Will Ensure Safety

A trip that you can take with the assurance that you’ve got an experienced personal security guard in Indonesia monitoring your every move and securing you from threat to yourself is of vital significance. Inside the safe and secure security of the ASA Close Protection VIP security services You can take pleasure in traveling with confidence with the knowledge the security of your private bodyguard will protect your protection.

VIP Security Services In Indonesia For Personal Protection, Travel, And More

We’ve provided executive protection globally from the beginning of our company just prior to the turning into the millennium. We are the ASA team has accumulated over 150 years of experience in high-end security close to home worldwide. We are pleased that our clients receive the best in class Indonesia security services for their personal. Each personal security officer in Indonesia we partner with for Security for VIPs can be trusted to perform under the most challenging situations and staying calm and focused on their work.

Need Close Protection Bodyguards In Indonesia?

The personal bodyguards’ in Indonesia offer a solution made to give you the complete package of private security services in Indonesia which provides the best standard of executive protection services for those who have a prominent presence and are conducting private or business matters within Indonesia. What ever you do whatever the event it’s possible to use your personal security measures in Indonesia to provide an unparalleled security level against any threat. Bodyguards provide VIP protection services that can’t be matched by similar Indonesia executive protection companies.

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How Our Executive Protection Bodyguards In Indonesia Work

There are a variety of situations where you require a private bodyguard within Indonesia. You could be famous or a someone with a lot of money, making the potential for a target which makes personal security companies located in Indonesia vital to guarantee that you are safe on the roads.

When you’ve settled on the level of security that you want which can range from non-armed to armed full bodyguard VIP security. The best option is to set up consultation with an expert on personal security and protection in Indonesia via ASA for arranging your security requirements.


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In the last two decades over the past two decades, we’ve offered executive security services as well as a thriving customers who affirm the quality provided by the services we provide. personal bodyguards. The high quality of our executive protection services has been recognized worldwide. If you need high-end security in Indonesia in the near future for an celebration, please contact us to talk with an expert about private security services in Indonesia right now!


Indonesia VIP Close Protection Agency FAQs

What can I do to arrange an private security bodyguard in Indonesia via your agency?

As one of the most reputable Indonesia executive protection companies Our company has achieved high standards of private bodyguards throughout Indonesia and have made it simple for our clients to arrange with us. If you’re aware that there is a lot of protection that you’ll need from a private security guard from Indonesia and you’re searching for us to perform an assessment to determine what you’ll require, and to design the whole process at the top level. We offer Indonesia close protection with highly trained specialists with both police backgrounds. The only thing you have to do is reach us to inquire about our executive protection services, and after that, we’ll create your security strategy.

Can you guarantee VIP convoy safety when navigating Indonesian traffic?

It is common for businesses that offer executive security for operations within Indonesia to keep security drivers who assist in the protection of VIP convoys. Security chauffeurs usually have previous experience driving clients with very large profile and possess decades of experience in defensive and aggressive driving. We offer Indonesian executive protection services as well as being closely in contact with the authorities throughout the nation to make sure that travellers are safe in the course of executive protection operations.

What Further Information can you share on your Close Protection Agency Services in Indonesia?

The duties of private bodyguards are diverse. private bodyguard are different and varied based on the particular project they’re in charge of. Security bodyguards who are private tasks could include controlling crowds, and being able to recognise unruly behaviour and also the presence of personnel who are not authorised. Their role as personal bodyguards can additionally include chauffeuring customers as security chauffeurs, and employing strategies for driving that are defensive or to avoid detection to avoid security risk. The private security of a private security service in Indonesia can additionally be charged with performing security checks at the house of the customer or in an open location.

For those who want high-end security, are there private bodyguards for hire in Indonesia without much prior notice?

While it’s right to say the security plan is simpler to develop with more time prior to the time an operation takes place, you can also employ executive protection services through ASA at short notice. The services we offer for operation executive security in Indonesia have a range of options and can obtained at the last minute to provide executive protection throughout the country.

What is the contrast between ASA's VIP protection security services in Indonesia and other private security companies?

ASA has forged its reputation among the most reputable companies offering private security in Indonesia due to its history of providing top-quality executive protection services across the globe for over 20 years. The management at the top of the tree at ASA has vast industry experience in private security and the military. The close protection personal bodyguards employed at ASA are all highly trained ex-military personnel with extensive knowledge of close protection in Indonesia. We provide private protection services for VIPs used by royalty, sports and Hollywood stars, high-profile individuals, politicians, and business moguls. We have a flawless safety record, and a lot of our clients are returning customers due to the quality of service we offer, as well as the level of security that comes with being accompanied by the presence of a bodyguard executive protection officer.

How does the executive protection service from ASA compare to bodyguards from other personal protection companies in Indonesia?

ASA has provided a top service that allows VIP clients to select private bodyguards for hire in Indonesia since 1999. We can provide the highest quality in-sector assistance because of the diverse military backgrounds of our top management, office-based executive protection experts, and highly trained personal bodyguards. Our VIP close protection services encompass a comprehensive program for every security aspect we plan to ensure that the safety of the principal is maintained. A large number of our clients have been with us for years since they have confidence in our company and the abilities of our personal bodyguards.

What credentials does a close protection officer in Indonesia from ASA Security Services have?

Every close protection officer in Indonesia has a history in policing, armed services, and private security. Our executive protection services personnel are highly educated, experienced, highly skilled, and among the top in the industry. They’ve protected all sorts of individuals, from celebrities to politicians. They are our personal bodyguards who are fully certified and licensed to carry firearms when permitted.

How does a personal bodyguard in Indonesia cost compare with industry standards?

For those who require the services of a personal bodyguard in Indonesia, cost is a significant factor. The personal bodyguard cost in Indonesia is variable, and the quality of services you receive can alter dramatically. ASA does not want to be pictured as a cheap and cheerful choice, as we are the best at what we do. Our clientele is looking for the industry’s finest executive protection personal bodyguards. When we talk about private security in Indonesia, we’re talking about potentially life-threatening situations, which is why we take no risks regarding employing personal bodyguards or the planning process that goes into protecting our principals.