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Maritime is well renowned as a highly demanding environment in which to work, with companies having high-value assets, cargo, and personnel navigating the oceans. Security threats such as the smuggling of arms and narcotics, piracy, terrorism, and human trafficking continue to be threats in the maritime domain. As a result of these risks, maritime safety and security are an absolute priority. As a premier maritime security company, ASA has been a global leader in marine security services since 1999, providing the marine industry peace of mind.

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From Protecting Merchant Vessels from Piracy to Security for International Ports & Terminals Our Maritime Security Agency Has You Covered

With merchant vessels afloat on the oceans carrying all consignments, from food, furniture, and footwear, to chemicals, vehicles, and machinery, it’s clear why they may be threatened by piracy. Appointing a private maritime security contractor to implement anti-piracy maritime security services is necessary to maintain the safety of the ships, their cargo, and their crews. Having operatives onboard with anti-piracy maritime security training can distinguish between a smooth voyage to the destination or a significant breach in maritime security.

Not only do companies have their maritime assets at risk on the open seas, but the security of vessels is very much under the spotlight when docked in ports and terminals. ASA marine safety and security services are regularly pressed into service to combat illicit drugs, arms smuggling, and human trafficking. Marine assets are perpetually at risk. ASA can help minimize exposure when you speak to a maritime security consultant who can advise and guide you on protecting company resources with the correct marine security intelligence and highly trained maritime security specialists.

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Armed Maritime Security Contractors You Can Count On Whatever the Situation

With the world’s largest container ships capable of carrying 20,000 units, the cargo value can run into hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, depending upon the contents of the containers. For this reason, private maritime security companies have been called upon to provide maritime security everywhere, including the United States, Africa, as well as Asia, and the Middle East. Contracting a legitimate and appropriately experienced maritime security agency is critical for the protection of your assets.

With over twenty years of experience in marine security intelligence and maritime security contracts with some of the world’s largest shipping companies, ASA is positioned well as the leading maritime safety and security contractor. Maritime security, in port and on the sea, is provided by armed expert maritime security officers to protect you and your assets against the threats faced in the maritime domain and ensure that company business continues uninterrupted.

Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Services With Experience Operating in Africa, the Middle East and Asia

Many of our clients return to us and rely upon us internationally for maritime security and protect their vessels and crews safe from the threats that can be all too familiar in the marine industry. As one of the industry’s dominant maritime security agencies, private maritime security contractors are positioned globally to provide fast and efficient marine security services to vessels while transporting cargo through high-risk waters. So regardless of whether you need a single maritime security service or an armed team, we have a workforce to cover it.

We operate worldwide maritime safety and security operations and have deployed anti-piracy maritime security to some of the most dangerous seas. ASA has protected vessels with armed maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea off western Africa, hazardous areas of the Indian Ocean, and aided safe passage through the seas of the Middle East. Whatever your maritime security requirements, ASA has a highly-skilled maritime security officer who understands the importance of international law and will ensure your safety.

Highly Experienced UK Ex-Military Maritime Security Officers for Hire

ASA is the industry leader if you’re seeking private maritime security contractors that can deploy anti-piracy maritime security services in the form of highly skilled marine safety and security protection services. Our maritime security operations are executed by certified and licensed British ex-military personnel. All the maritime security officers in our network have years of experience within the industry and are experts in safety and security at sea.

How We Work

How Our International Maritime Security Services and Maritime Security Operations Work

ASA has armed maritime security officers strategically positioned across domestic and international destinations. Once you contact us, we can agree on your maritime security requirements, and they can be deployed. We have built close working relationships with our clients in order to build trust, reputation, and an unfailing level of maritime security. Maritime security is essential for safe passage through some high-risk waters, and with certain types of smuggled cargo being a threat to national security, the importance of fast and effective maritime security is fundamental to operating without incident.


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For more information regarding any of the ASA maritime security company services, feel free to contact to speak to a member of our team. We pride ourselves on placing exceptional maritime security specialists on all corners of the globe, providing peace of mind, and nullifying security threats to merchant vessels on some of the most high-risk waters worldwide. Contact us for a quote for your maritime security requirements today.


Maritime Security Companies FAQs

What does maritime security involve?

Maritime security is the broad term used for the safeServiceing of marine assets. Marine assets include the vessels, as well as the ports and their buildings. There are multiple threats to maritime security, including the risk of piracy, robbery, illegal trafficking of people, goods, narcotics, pollution, and illegal fishing. Maritime security operations will consist of the inside and outside vessels to adequately protect company assets personnel and in the interest of national security.

Why is ASA Security Services one of the leading maritime security companies in the world?

ASA has been supplying marine security services for the global market for over twenty years. We operate with a network of highly-skilled and experienced maritime security Services from backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, and other associated professions. We’ve conducted maritime security operations in some of the most hostile high-risk water in the world that, include the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. We also have an incredibly high rate of long-term repeat business because clients trust us and know they are getting officers with the finest anti-piracy maritime security training from one of the industry’s most recognized private maritime security companies.

What experience do your maritime security officers have?

The maritime domain is a demanding one, and maritime security officers require a particular skill set to work for ASA. Each maritime security contractor that works for us has a service history in the British military. As a private maritime security contractor that has been positioning armed marine security personnel globally for over two decades, we only employ the best officers maritime security has. Whether on the sea or in port, it is our absolute commitment that the maritime safety and security officers assigned to your operation are the best in the business.

How much does your international maritime security service cost?

The final cost of maritime security has many variables. It will depend on details such as whether security is required in port or on a vessel. If it is onboard a ship, there will be a need to know how many maritime security officers are necessary and how many days they will be at sea. Will they be required for security once the vessel docks at its destination, and will there be an ongoing voyage? The best way to discover the cost of our maritime security services is to contact us and speak to a marine security consultant about your maritime security requirements.

Do you offer an armed anti-piracy maritime security service?

Because of the nature of the maritime security threats that vessels, ports, and docks face, ASA offers an armed maritime security service. A maritime security officer can carry a firearm following local and international laws. Piracy, terrorism, or robbery is a real threat to maritime security, and all our marine safety and security officers are experienced in firearms.

Where are your maritime security Services situated?

We have security specialists globally because of the nature of maritime security contracts. It allows us to deploy our maritime security intelligence services efficiently and at short notice in emergencies. There are high-risk waters that our maritime security services are called upon regularly to provide protection. Still, we can deploy officers to each corner of the globe quickly if required.

Are your private maritime security contractors available year-round?

In a world where pirates, terrorists, human traffickers, and narcotic smugglers don’t take days off, neither do we. As one of the leading private maritime security agencies, we provide the highest standards of security year-round to ensure your safety at sea or in port.

How many years has your maritime security agency been running?

ASA has been operating as a maritime security consultant since 1999. It has built strong relationships with many port authorities in some of the world’s most high-risk waters and with the EMSA, SAMSA, and MARSEC Maritime Security Command. We have vast experience in protecting marine assets globally and ensuring merchant’s vessels arrive in port safely with minimum disturbance to their routine.

What maritime security requirements do you need to provide a quote?

By the nature of merchant vessel transportation, many details affect the cost involved in appointing a security contractor. Maritime security varies from operation to operation, and the best way to determine the price of a maritime security service is to contact us regarding your particular needs. Things such as the size of the vessel and its cargo, the number of soles on board, the number of days at sea, and other factors all affect the service. At the end of the day, with the value of goods carried by cargo ships, companies look at security as an investment. If you want protection from the best maritime security company in the industry, contact us for a quote, and we think you be pleasantly surprised by our fantastic rates.