Physical Penetration Testing Service: Protect Data, System Security, and Hardware

ASA Security Services provide physical intrusion testing to help protect your business against individuals and entities trying to gain physical access to company data, security systems, and hardware. ASA Security Services physical penetration testing allows you to mitigate unsolicited physical attacks and industrial espionage.

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Physical Security Testing of Physical Security Controls, Including Locks, Fences, Security Services, CCTV Cameras, and Other Security Measures

Physical penetration testing is a critical security measure and your first line of defense against corporate spying and economic espionage. The most sophisticated network security system makes a scant difference if an attacker has access to a keyboard or has the opportunity to steal hardware. Physical pentesting will start by appraising your physical security controls, including locks, fences, and security personnel. Our physical security penetration testing will also evaluate weaknesses in CCTV coverage and sensors.

Physical security testing of physical security controls including locks fences security services cctv cameras and other security measures

ASA Security's Physical Security Penetration Testing Will Uncover Weaknesses Within Your Existing Physical Security Controls And Make Improvements

ASA’s physical penetration testing services are intended to uncover and highlight weaknesses in the physical security systems you currently have in place. The risk of someone trying to gain access to the sensitive information your company stores, such as financial records, employee details, and legal documents, is genuine. We are the industry’s physical security testing experts and can complete a physical penetration test and implement changes you need to make to protect your business from an attacker.

Defend Against Industrial Espionage With The Best Physical Pentesting Solutions Available Worldwide

ASA has provided physical penetration testing services globally since the company was founded in 1999. Through the years, we have worked with some of the most significant and successful companies, providing physical security testing to protect them from the threat of industrial espionage and implementing workable solutions based on the results and findings of physical penetration tests. Due to the quality of physical penetration testing we provide, we are recognized as the best in the world within the field.

Physical Penetration Testing Services with Worldwide Coverage

Our physical intrusion testing service can be used to highlight the physical penetration weaknesses within your business anywhere in the world. We are one of the primary private security companies operating globally and provide physical pentesting that covers all continents.

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How Does Physical Security Penetration Testing Work?

The physical penetration testing process assesses all existing physical security controls. Social engineering on employees, lock picking, attempts to gain physical access, reviewing fire and cooling systems, and mapping the entrances and perimeters are some of the most common methods used in physical intrusion testing.


Physical security penetration testing

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With over twenty years of industry knowledge and experience in a variety of security sectors, we are here to help you improve the physical security of your business. The risk of a physical attack is genuine; if you require our services for physical penetration testing, contact a physical security expert at ASA Security Services today.