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Kenya Maritime Security Services

ASA Security Services is the foremost maritime security agency in Kenya that provides industry-leading services in anti-terror and anti-piracy in Kenya. For more than twenty years, we have kept freight shipping company assets safe in high-risk waters around the globe to ensure some industry giants’ continued commercial functionality and success.

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ASA Security Services Are The Leading Anti Piracy And Kenya Maritime Security Company You Can Trust

Becoming an industry leader in maritime security services in Kenya doesn’t happen overnight or by luck. ASA Security Services were founded in 1999 and have been dedicated to our anti-piracy in Kenya since. Our exceptionally high standards are set by senior company management and implemented at all levels of our business. Maritime security in Kenya is critical for shipping companies to conduct trade safely through these waters, and our maritime security services in Kenya offer trustworthy and effective measures.

Kenya maritime security services

Our Kenya Maritime Security Services Personnel Have Decades of Experience Operating In The East African Region

Our maritime security service in Kenya has been successfully operating in the East African region for more than two decades. ASA’s Kenya maritime security specialists have been handling high-level security details for major shipping companies and protecting marine assets and personnel from the threats present in these high-risk waters by designing maritime security strategies and implementing them with our anti-piracy service. Kenya may have been removed from the piracy red list, but piracy still poses a significant threat.

ASA Security Services Armed Kenya Maritime Security Officers Are Ex-Military And Are Fully ISPS Accredited

ASA’s maritime security services in Kenya are operated by our supremely skilled team of Kenya maritime security specialists. We work with the best in the industry who come from backgrounds including time served in the military and armed forces, law enforcement, and private security. As the maritime security agency in Kenya leading the charge in personal security services and standards, all personnel is weapons trained and fully ISPS accredited and certified.

Looking for The Best Anti Piracy Service Kenya Offers? Our Kenya Maritime Security Company Can Help

If you’re looking for the best maritime security in Kenya, then ASA is here to provide you with the safety and security you need for all your maritime assets. As an experienced Kenya maritime security agency, our ISPS-accredited personnel will be an anti-piracy deterrent and implement security measures to keep your marine assets safe and insurance costs to a minimum.

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How Do Our Kenya Maritime Security Services Work?

If you’ve been searching through Kenya maritime security companies and want to work with the best, ASA have you covered. Once you contact us regarding your protection requirements, we can action our maritime security service in Kenya at short notice using our adept and highly proficient personnel to protect your vessel or port.


Kenya maritime security services

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Whatever your requirements are for private security, we can assist. Whether it’s port facility security or onboard vessel security, our maritime security agency in Kenya will build a maritime security strategy to keep marine assets and crew safe and secure, allowing your business to function through these high-risk waters. Contact the #1 Kenya maritime security company for your quote today.


Maritime Security Kenya FAQs

Does piracy affect the Kenya shipping industry?

Piracy has had a hugely detrimental effect on the shipping industry in Kenya over the years. The global shipping industry has actually removed the area from the piracy red list as of 2021, although this doesn’t mean the area is free from piracy. Although numbers have fallen in Kenya, maritime security services are still very active in offering an anti-piracy deterrent and protecting shipping companies from attacks.

Is piracy illegal in Kenya?

Piracy in Kenya is highly-illegal, and in 2008 the country distinguished itself from others in the war on piracy by prosecuting suspected pirates who were arrested at sea. Prison terms for suspected piracy can be 20 years plus, making pirates extremely dangerous as they will do almost anything to evade capture and emphasizing the need for shipping companies to implement maritime security in Kenya.

Why is ASA Security Services one of the best Kenya maritime security companies?

We’ve positioned ourselves as a leading maritime security service in Kenya by building up our reputation as a Kenya maritime security agency that delivers on its promises. We don’t promise services we can’t deliver, and we have successfully protected some of the shipping industry’s major players with our measures for anti-piracy in Kenya.

Why does a shipping company need an anti-piracy service in Kenya?

Piracy is often considered a crime group trying to steal goods and cargo from vessels. Why this is true to a degree, one of the biggest threats from piracy is hostage-taking. It’s far easier for a group to take hostages and demand a ransom for their return than to unload cargo from a vessel. Stopping pirates from boarding a ship is critical, which is a significant reason why our anti-piracy service in Kenya is highly regarded. A maritime security service in Kenya will design a ship security strategy and implement anti-piracy measures that Kenya maritime security specialists will act to keep company assets and crew safe, secure, and profitable, with no disturbance to their schedule.