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Counter Surveillance Service and Bug Sweeping Service

ASA is an industry-leading experienced counter-surveillance agency that arranges and implements professional bug-sweeping services and technical surveillance counter measures for clients globally. Surveillance threatens high-profile high-net-worth individuals, government officials, CEOs, and celebrities. We engage our counter surveillance services to yield privacy and peace of mind for our clientele, whether at home or on the road.

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Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM) Conducted By Industry Leading Experts

ASA thoroughly recognizes the need for complete privacy and confidentiality as a provider of surveillance and counter-surveillance security services. Our clients often require our technical counter-surveillance measures to maintain their privacy when traveling on business, for pleasure, and even when relaxing at home, from the corporate executive in possession of sensitive information to VIPs and celebrities who want to speak freely without unintended ears listening in. Our counter-surveillance detection service has it covered.

ASA has highly trained and professionally certified TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) counter-surveillance specialists who utilize the latest counter-surveillance devices to ensure the privacy of our clients is maintained. We provide a comprehensive and highly discreet counter-surveillance service worldwide that allows us to identify and expose any form of surveillance being carried out in a hotel, a board room, and even vehicles and aircraft.

Counter surveillance service

From Electronic Bug Sweeps to Audio Jammer Counter Surveillance Our Counter Surveillance Company Will Detect Any Unlawful Monitoring

Many different methods are used in surveillance, and much high-tech equipment can be used to gain sensitive information. Private investigators, press agencies, journalists, law enforcement, and business rivals use state-of-the-art equipment such as CCTV, GPS trackers, cell phone monitoring, phone tapping, and covert listening devices (bugs). As an industry-leading counter-surveillance company, ASA has a vast partner network that gives us access to the latest anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance technology and allows us to provide our professional bug-sweeping services.

Our highly-trained and experienced counter-surveillance specialists have conducted audio-jamming operations and electronic bug sweeps globally to protect the privacy of our clientele. A private investigator bug sweep and private investigator counter-surveillance measures offer VIP clients comfort, security, and peace of mind to move and communicate freely at home, in the office, on the road, or in the air. We use the best and most effective, proven counter-surveillance tactics to detect any unlawful monitoring.

Corporate Counter Surveillance Measures Conducted by Experienced Counter Surveillance Investigators

Most of us have seen spy movies where an agent from MI6 or the NSA acts on the government’s behalf to uncover or cover up secrets or keep delicate information safe. Well, it’s not that far-fetched, and it happens in big business and commerce quite commonly. Corporate espionage, also called industrial and economic espionage, can massively damage a business and calls for the assistance of a counter-surveillance company and a counter-surveillance investigator.

Highly experienced ASA agents can run technical counter-surveillance measures that include electronic bug sweeps using anti-surveillance equipment, computer surveillance, audio jammer counter surveillance, and even perform surveillance on employees suspected of committing corporate spying. You can appoint us to use our industry know-how and technical counter-surveillance measures to protect private and delicate company information to your company’s reputation and future. Surveillance is a practice undertaken by many companies to gain an advantage, and our counter-surveillance detection service is here to end data theft and corporate espionage.

Urgently Need Counter Surveillance Services? Our Counter Surveillance Specialists Are Here to Help

If you are in urgent need of a counter-surveillance service and need a quick turnaround on a security operation, ASA is the counter-surveillance agency that can deliver. With a team of the most highly skilled counter-surveillance investigators, you can rely on ASA to use the latest high-tech equipment and tactical measures to complete a full counter-surveillance sweep and maintain your corporation’s privacy. Contact us regarding our counter-surveillance investigator services if you desire fast, efficient, practical, private security assistance.

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How Our Electronic Bug Sweeping Service and Counter Surveillance Tactics Work

ASA electronic bug-sweeping services are regularly called upon to investigate potential industrial espionage cases. If you believe your company may be the target of an industry competitor, you’ll need a private investigator bug sweep. As one of the leading companies that sweep for listening devices, we will complete electronic bug sweeps using a bug sweeper or detector to determine whether a rival is implementing surveillance. From a listening device to a camera, we can detect illegal devices with our experience in counter-surveillance and our professional expert equipment.


Sweeping service and counter surveillance tactics

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With the best counter-surveillance investigators in the industry from military, law enforcement, and private security backgrounds, we are able to detect any electronic spying equipment. If this is a service you need at the office or home, our private investigator counter-surveillance team can be used for counter-surveillance services. With seven global offices and a network of surveillance partners, do not hesitate to contact the ASA team for more information today.


Counter Surveillance FAQs

What are counter surveillance techniques?

The use of counter-surveillance has steadily grown through the years as more VIPs find their privacy threatened. Counter-surveillance techniques can be things such as electronic bug sweeps and audio jammer counter-surveillance.

What is counter vs anti-surveillance?

In the private security industry, we use counter-surveillance to detect whether a client is under the surveillance of an individual, group, or corporation and then develop corrective measures. As a counter-surveillance company, anti-surveillance is where we implement strategies and procedures that allow us to do what needs to be done in spite of knowing surveillance is being used against us.

What are companies that sweep for listening devices called?

Many counter-surveillance companies provide bug-sweeping services. You can find companies that may only offer TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), like ASA, a private security company that offers TSCM as one of its services. With ASA, you are able to use TSCM as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with other private security services.

Why is ASA Security Services one of the leading counter-surveillance companies in the world?

ASA is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance providers due to our unblemished track record in providing professional bug-sweeping services and appointing the top counter-surveillance investigators. We have been operating since 1999 and have grown year on year and continue to retain a large amount of repeat clientele.

How much are your electronic bug-sweeping services?

The cost of electronic bug sweeps will fluctuate based on several factors. Counter surveillance specialists like ASA will usually charge based on the location of the premises, square footage, the types of counter surveillance devices required for the operation, whether there are any vehicles that need bug-sweeping services, plus the experience and expertise level of the counter surveillance agency.

What counter-surveillance devices do your team of investigators use?

We are fortunate to have a great international partner network that allows us access to the latest technology for conducting a counter-surveillance operation. Depending upon the particular operation and operation, there are several counter-surveillance devices our specialists may use. We can access listening devices, bug sweepers, white noise generators, jammers, and many other types of technology specific to a particular occasion or operation.

What counter-surveillance measures do you use against industrial espionage?

Several technical counter-surveillance measures would be implemented in a world where industrial or economic espionage is a genuine threat. One of the first things that would get checked is the electrical systems for any signs of transmitting devices. Counter-surveillance companies will also test the phone systems for bugs and physically search a company premises in a counter-surveillance sweep.

What does a counter-surveillance sweep involve?

Professional bug-sweeping services, or TSCM, will include operations such as a comprehensive physical, technical, and visual investigation of a company’s property or a client’s home by counter-surveillance specialists. If any form of surveillance device is found, such as a camera or bug, it will be neutralized by the counter-surveillance services team.

Are your counter-surveillance services operated internationally?

ASA has seen steady growth in business since its founding in 1999, and as a direct result, it now has offices in seven counties. We have physical locations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, and the UK. As one of the world’s largest and most successful companies that sweep for listening devices, we operate globally and have a client list that includes A-list Hollywood actors, athletes, business executives, politicians, and royals.