Private Cargo Ship Security and Armed Container Ship Security Contractors

Recently, the shipping industry has seen a decrease in piracy and security threats at sea for one significant reason, armed ship security. Container and cargo ship security services are being appointed to protect maritime assets, and ASA is the industry-leading company chosen for private security on cargo ships worldwide.

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Combat Sea Piracy with Our Team of International Cargo Ship Security Services

With the threat of piracy an unfortunate everpresent in some of the world’s high-risk waters, cargo security companies are forever called upon by the maritime industry to protect assets. Piracy is one of the biggest threats to vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Singapore Strait, calling for private maritime security companies to provide armed security for cargo ship protection. ASA is the security shipping company chosen by many for top-class security personnel.

With ASA Security Services, the ship will benefit from armed vessel security from the industry’s finest cargo ship protection officers. Our armed specialists are highly-trained, ex-military, armed forces, or law enforcement officers with a particular skill set. They are all experts in anti-piracy tactics and measures and are qualified to react to the most stressful situations faced at sea. Armed security on cargo ships is crucial to operating effectively and efficiently at sea with minimum risk of security breaches.

Protect Your Crew and Cargo Through High-Risk Waters With Professional Private Security For Cargo Ships

With the world’s largest cargo vessel carrying as many as 10,000 40-foot containers and contents valued in the billions, there’s little wonder why merchant vessel security is so valuable in the maritime industry. It’s the 21st century, and piracy remains prevalent in many of the world’s oceans. ASA’s cargo ship private security service has been called upon by some of the biggest names in shipping to protect their assets in high-risk waters.

We’ve protected ships and their crews in dangerous waters that include the Indian Ocean, Singapore Strait, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Gulf of Guinea with our cargo ship security service. It is often the case that pirates don’t want the cargo. Still, they’d instead take hostages and seek a ransom, making armed vessel security a massive deterrent for any illicit bands of pirates wishing to board a ship.

Merchant Ship Security Company with Experience In High-Risk Areas Such As the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea

For the past two decades, ASA Security Services has provided the shipping industry with a solution to the security issues faced when transitting through many of the world’s most dangerous stretches of water. For many crew members on board cargo vessels, the threat of piracy is all too real, making armed cargo ship security officers essential for their peace of mind and the physical safety of the crew.

As a well-seasoned and accomplished cargo ship private security company, we have experience conducting maritime security operations through some of the world’s most challenging bodies of water. Piracy and other significant threats are present in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, Singapore Strait, and other high-risk seas. As a leading merchant ship security provider, we have a background and extensive knowledge in many high-pressure environments on the open ocean and offer the highest level of armed ship security.

Urgently Need Container Ship Security? Speak to Our Sea Cargo Security Company Today

Do you urgently require armed Services to provide maritime security on board your ship? ASA is a sea cargo security company that can deploy cargo and container ship security at short notice anywhere worldwide. Merchant ship security is what our highly-skilled security personnel are experts at. The maritime world has its fair share of risks and threats, and private maritime security companies have successfully secured vessels and crews. If you need to appoint private ship security, contact us today for more details and a quote.

How We Work

How Does Our Security Shipping Company Work?

If you require private security on cargo ships, ASA Security Services endeavours to make the process as simple as possible and to provide you with the industry’s best-trained cargo ship security services. Once you contact us regarding your requirements, we can assess your needs for a particular voyage and deploy our security shipping company personnel. Our cargo ship protection officers can be deployed worldwide at short notice to protect your marine assets with detailed intelligence reports, risk assessments, and armed merchant ship security specialists.


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Suppose you need the services of an industry-leading cargo security company for armed vessel security and cargo ship protection in the world’s most high-risk waters. In that case, ASA Security Services provides premium solutions in maritime security on cargo ships. We will gladly place armed specialists on your vessels as a deterrent and offer a complete and comprehensive security service. For maritime cargo ship security services of the highest order, contact a team member at ASA today and get a quote for maritime security.


Private Security Shipping Companies FAQs

What is cargo ship security?

Private cargo ship security contractors provide different levels of maritime security to ensure the safety of vessels, crew members, and cargo for shipping companies that transit through the dangerous and high-risk waters of the world. Pirate-infested waters, such as off the coast of South Africa and the Gulf of Aden, still exist, and shipping companies need cargo security companies to protect their assets.

Who provides security for cargo ships for ASA Security Services?

Private ship security companies have provided cargo ship security services for many years. ASA Security Services has been actively deploying private security on cargo ships since 1999 with a highly skilled team of maritime security specialists. Our fully vetted and licensed officers are the best in the business and have come from backgrounds including law enforcement, the military, armed forces, and private security firms.

Do you provide armed security on cargo ships?

With piracy being one of the many security threats cargo ships face, it’s little wonder why the use of armed vessel security is present on over 35% of the world’s cargo ships. We provide armed security on cargo ships to ensure safe passage for ships, crew members, and cargo. With modern-day cargo vessels containing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods, it’s easy to see why pirate gangs target large cargo ships. Still, with ASA cargo ship security offering a significant deterrent, shipping companies have the assurance that the voyage schedule will be uninterrupted.

How much does your container ship security service cost?

If you want to get an exact cost for cargo ship security services, you’d need to ideally contact us and speak to a team member regarding your specific requirements. Many contributing factors will affect how much you would pay for a maritime security service. Cargo ship security contractors will charge according to how many security personnel are required, the duration of the operation, and other details that will affect cost. The cost to maritime businesses without armed security on cargo ships, in terms of cargo and human life, can be enormous, making cargo ship private security an essential addition to getting to the final destination safely and on schedule.

How much experience do your cargo ship security Services have?

To be a private ship security officer with ASA, you must have a proven background in a related industry and have a unique skill set that makes you an asset to the client and us. Some of our Services come from private security backgrounds, and others have come from the armed forces, law enforcement, and different military divisions. They are all highly trained and skilled in firearms and other protection techniques. We have been providing private security for cargo ships for over twenty years, and we have made it our standard to work with the best specialists in maritime security to provide the highest level of cargo ship security service.

Does your merchant vessel security agency operate internationally?

As an industry-established merchant vessel security company, we deploy many security specialists to carry out maritime security details in the international market. ASA Security Services provides shipping companies worldwide with cargo ship security services. We regularly supply private security for cargo ships through the Singapore Strait, through Europe, around Africa, on the seas in the Middle East, and many high-risk waters.

Does your container ship security team conduct transit risk assessments, vessel security assessments, intelligence reporting and alerts?

Yes, we do! As well as positioning cargo ship security services, our maritime security services offer a complete package that includes risk assessments for the vessel’s journey. Our experienced and uniquely skilled armed ship security team will conduct transit risk assessments and vessel security assessments and manage intelligence reporting and alerts. In addition to piracy, other risks to a voyage are considered to ensure the total safety of all shipping company assets and protect crew members for the duration of the journey.