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With the Singapore shipping industry growing year-on-year, Singapore maritime security services are in high demand due to the threats and dangers faced in high-risk waters. From piracy in the Strait of Malacca to the threats faced by port facilities, ASA provides the finest maritime security in Singapore.

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Private Singapore Maritime Security Company That Specialize In Combating Piracy in the Strait of Malacca

Statistics for 2021 revealed sixty-nine acts of piracy in the Strait of Malacca that year. Forty-eight were in international waters, thirteen in territorial waters, and eight committed in ports. Being the main shipping channel between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Strait of Malacca is of enormous economic importance to Asia and the rest of the world. Recognized as one of the leading Singapore maritime security companies, ASA’s Singapore maritime security services have specialized in providing anti-piracy maritime security in Singapore for over two decades.

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Protect Your Crew, Cargo, Vessel, and Investment With The Best Private Maritime Security Services Singapore Offers

ASA Security Services can deploy highly skilled and experienced maritime security specialists in Singapore to protect the sea and port. As a long-serving maritime security company in Singapore, we understand the threats and dangers port facilities and vessels face. With the evergrowing number of shipping companies relying on the Strait of Malacca and the Port of Singapore, appointing the best maritime security company in Singapore to protect your vessel, cargo, crew, and investment is indispensable.

Our Singapore Maritime Security Company Provides Protection With Highly Experienced Armed EX-Military Security Officers

Our Singapore maritime security service operates using highly experienced ex-military security officers. Highly proficient in anti-terror and anti-piracy measures, our maritime security specialists in Singapore provide the highest standards of protection to secure your assets. Whether our personnel has been stationed onboard a vessel providing Malacca Strait maritime security or security services within the port, our maritime security officers in Singapore are a step ahead of illicit groups and individuals who may pose a threat.

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If you urgently require maritime security in Singapore and want to be protected by the best maritime security company in Singapore, contact a team member at one of our global offices today and make the necessary arrangements for the Singapore maritime security service you require.

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How Do Our Maritime Security Services In Singapore Work?

Once you contact us regarding our Singapore maritime security services, ASA can start to build a plan of action moving forward and how best to fulfill your needs. We can position maritime security specialists in Singapore at short notice if required. Whatever your needs are, our Singapore maritime security services will meet them to protect your marine assets.


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If you have any questions or queries regarding ASA’s maritime security services in Singapore, we have experts to accommodate you with all the information you require. Call today if you need Malacca Strait maritime security or an in-port Singapore maritime security service. We can advise you on the best solution to your problem and provide a quote.


Maritime Security Singapore FAQs

How bad is piracy in the Strait of Malacca?

Piracy in the Strait of Malacca is a genuine threat for several reasons. The Strait is the pathway to Europe and the Suez Canal. It is also a gateway to the oil-exporting countries around the Persian Gulf and many busy seaports around East Asia. The Strait is also a long narrow band of water which makes the illicit activity of pirates easier. When you look at all the potential dangers associated with the Strait, it’s clear why Singapore maritime security companies are called upon to protect shipping company assets.

Why do Singaporean shipping companies need maritime security services?

It’s common for the Port of Singapore to have more than a thousand vessels arriving daily. With that, many ships come with a lot of cargo and crew, making them targets for piracy and other illicit activity such as human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, theft, and terror attacks. Maritime security personnel in Singapore are stationed in the port to conduct security detail and protect shipping company assets. And Singapore maritime security officers are placed onboard ships to perform anti-piracy measures and ensure that vessels reach the port safely and can deliver their cargo worth billions of dollars.

Why is ASA’s Security Service one of the leading Singapore maritime security companies?

ASA Security Services have been providing shipping companies with maritime security services in Singapore for over two decades and are highly experienced in conducting business discreetly and effectively. Our security personnel are ex-military and are all firearms trained and registered. From the top-level management at ASA, exemplary standards are set that are repeated at all levels of our Singapore maritime security service. Our track record of excellence speaks for itself, and our dedication to protecting our clients and their assets positions us as the best maritime security company in Singapore.

How many piracy incidents were in Singapore in 2022?

The Singapore Strait was once again the primary concern among Asia’s waterways when it came to incidents of piracy. There were fifty-five incidents of piracy in the Strait during 2022, which continues the year-on-year growth trend. Piracy in the Strait of Malacca has been showing the same growth pattern, proving that maritime security services in Singapore are a much-needed component of the shipping industry to protect vulnerable marine assets at sea and in port. Although piracy exists throughout the South China Sea, the need for Malacca Strait maritime security and marine asset security service in the Singapore Strait far outweighs any other region in Asia at this present time.