Thailand Private Detectives: The Foremost Private Investigation Agency In Thailand

As a prominent and revered private investigation agency in Thailand, we have competed to dominate our sector and proudly provide the finest Thailand private detectives in the Kingdom. If you require Thailand private detective services, we are the go-to appointee to provide lawful private investigations that answer your challenges.

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Thailand Private Investigator Services: From Business to Infidelity Investigations

Regardless of whether an investigation is conducted for business or personal matters, the truth must be uncovered and justice served. Our Thailand private investigator services are equally at home leading personal or business-related cases. You can hire a private detective to conduct surveillance of a partner suspected of adultery, an employee purported to be selling company secrets or to search for someone who has stolen your identity and is committing financial fraud. Our private detective agency offers solutions for everyone.

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Hire A Thai Private Investigator To Accumulate Essential Data And Build Your Case

At the center of any investigation is the desire and demand for truth. Our private investigation services in Thailand are adept at answering personal or business-based cases. We will provide a private eye investigator with a laser-focused strategy and implement the appropriate investigative methods and practices to gather data crucial to your situation. We are the country’s finest private detective agency and will compile evidence to confirm or allay your suspicions.

An Accomplished Thailand Private Detective Company That Delivers A Thoughtful And Vigilant Service

We are a formidable agency providing our clientele with exceptional personal detective services. With over two decades of expertise in providing solutions for those seeking private investigations, our efforts have grown us into the most proficient private investigation firm nationwide. Hiring a private eye detective through us guarantees a meticulously thought-out strategy to obtain the desired result. If you endeavour to find a Thailand private detective company to get the job done and done right, we’re the premier choice.

A Formidable Private Investigation Firm Who Works 24/7 To Produce Factual Outcomes

Private investigation services in Thailand are commonly used to substantiate the specifics of a situation. The circumstances where a private investigator in Thailand may be called into service could be marital mistrust or a business partnership where confidence has eroded, among many other potential causes. We are a seasoned private investigation firm that works unrelentingly in the continual search for truth. When you hire a private detective from us, you can be confident that we’ll do our duty and produce the evidence required for a factual settlement.

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Recruit The Services Of A Private Investigator In Thailand To Get The Peace Of Mind You Demand

Not knowing the truth can weigh heavy on your mind and cause unnecessary stress and anguish. But, with the helping hand of a private eye detective, you can obtain the peace of mind that you deserve. Whether you require a private detective in Bangkok or elsewhere, we’re ready to oblige with our private investigator service. If you think you’re being deceived by a spouse or business associate, our discreet and law-abiding investigative solutions are waiting to be actioned and to get you answers.


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We use more than two decades of experience to ensure that hiring a Thailand private investigator is straightforward and effective. As one of the sector’s leading Thailand private investigator companies, you can appoint us with conviction, knowing you’ve made the right decision and that we’ll utilise our expertise to get you the desired results. To hire a Thailand private eye, contact our team today to discuss your requirements and see how we’ll represent your needs ethically and legally.


Private Investigation Agency In Thailand FAQs

What experience do you have regarding private investigations in Thailand?

We have become the preferred choice for individuals and corporations hiring a Thailand private investigator, and we believe it is due to several factors. Firstly, we were founded in 1999 and have over 150 years of security services experience behind our senior management team. Knowledge is fundamental to providing an effective and efficient private eye investigator service. Our Thailand private detective services have been applied to operations that include fraud, identity theft, corporate espionage, money laundering, marital infidelity, and much more. Whether you need a private investigator in Bangkok, the mountainous north, or on the islands in the south, you can do so confidently, knowing we are looking out for your best interests.

What kind of costs are involved when engaging your Thailand private detective services?

Generally speaking, hiring a private detective in Thailand will be invoiced by the hour, although many variables can affect it. Although we are vastly experienced in providing private investigator services in Thailand and look to complete our investigations in good order, every operation is unique so they can take hours, days, or weeks.

If I hire a private investigator in Bangkok, Thailand, are they working within the law on my behalf?

If you want to hire a private investigator in Bangkok, Thailand, you can be sure that we conduct all of our investigations within the law. A private detective in Bangkok or any other area of the country will work closely with the Thai police to ensure everything is done correctly. We have extensive knowledge of Thai law and always conduct our services law-abiding and ethically while delivering much-needed results.

A business associate recommended your private investigation agency in Thailand to me. What makes your services better than those of other companies?

We believe we have earned our reputation as the leading private investigation agency in Thailand due to our high-quality services for more than twenty years. To become a private detective in Thailand with us, you must demonstrate an impeccable work history in the security services, the armed forces, or law enforcement. Our recruitment process is meticulous; only the finest individuals are brought in. Each Thailand private investigator is legally and culturally educated to ensure that services are conducted correctly. We also have a fantastic track record of delivering our clientele the required results to assist them in resolving their issues. These factors position us above other Thailand private investigator companies and why your business associate has recommended us.