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ASA’s VIP close protection services are available to provide high-profile individuals with safety measures while staying in the Republic of Singapore, whether on a personal trip or conducting business. You can enjoy freedom, protection, and peace of mind when you call upon ASA for a close protection officer in Singapore.

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Receive Unmatched Security with ASA's Executive Protection Services in Singapore

We have long been the standard setter in executive security services in the Republic of Singapore and have operated a unit of highly trained, skilled, and experienced personal bodyguards with backgrounds in the armed forces. Our unrivalled Singapore close protection services offer a front line solution for VIPs, High Net Worth Individuals, and high-profile individuals, allowing secure travel throughout the country. If you require executive protection, our military-trained experts are ready to operate under intense pressure in any situation.

Have Peace of Mind with Our Elite Close Protection Services in Singapore

Conducting business or undertaking a personal trip with the peace of mind that you have a highly skilled personal security guard in Singapore watching over you and safeguarding you from any personal threat is priceless. Under the comforting surveillance of ASA’s VIP protection services, you’ll be free to partake in your travel plans safely with the knowledge that your personal security officer is with you to ensure your security.

Experience World-Class VIP Security Services in Singapore with ASA Security Services

We have been conducting executive protection globally since the company was founded in 1999. The team at ASA has over 150 years of combined experience in private security in Singapore and multi-nationally. Our clientele knows they are receiving world-class close protection in Singapore. Each private security officer we partner with to provide executive protection is used to performing under the most intense pressure while remaining calm and focused on the principal.

Need Close Protection VIP Security in Singapore?

Our VIP protection security services are designed to be a fully rounded executive protection offering that delivers world-class close protection VIP security for high-profile individuals conducting personal affairs or commerce in Singapore. Wherever you’re going and whatever the occasion, you can take an ASA personal security officer with you to provide a best-in-class level of protection from any possible threat. We implement bodyguard VIP protection services unrivalled by other Singapore executive protection companies.

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How Does Our Bodyguard Executive Protection in Singapore Work?

Many circumstances require executive protection services in Singapore. You may be a high-profile figure or high net-worth individual, making executive protection essential for safe travel. Once set on the level of security you require, from unarmed to armed close protection in Singapore, you can arrange an appointment with a VIP protection security consultant at ASA to arrange your security details.


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For over 20+ years, we have provided executive security services and have a tremendous repeat client base that would verify the quality of our personal bodyguards. Our private protection services have been exercised worldwide with formidable success. If you need a personal bodyguard in Singapore for an upcoming occasion, please call us and speak with a Singapore personal protection services expert today!


Executive Protection Company Singapore FAQs

What's the process to hire a Personal Bodyguard in Singapore from ASA Security Services?

As one of the leading Singapore executive protection companies, we achieve industry-leading standards of private security in Singapore while making it straightforward for our clients to utilise our services. Whether you know the level of protection you require from a private bodyguard or you require us to complete an analysis to ascertain what the situation requires, we plan everything to the finest detail. Our private bodyguards for hire in Singapore are highly trained professionals with military backgrounds. All you need to do is contact us to enquire about our VIP executive protection services, and from there, we can design a security plan.

How do ASA Security Services ensure seamless VIP Convoy Protection in Singapore's traffic conditions?

It’s common for personal protection companies in Singapore to have a team of security chauffeurs available for VIP convoy protection. Security chauffeurs will often have a background in chauffeuring high-profile clientele and will have extensive training in evasive and defensive driving techniques. Our Singapore close protection services also work closely with local authorities to ensure safe and smooth travel while carrying out executive protection operations.

Can you explain the roles and responsibilities of a Personal Security Officer in Singapore at ASA Security Services?

The roles of a private security bodyguard can be varied and wide-ranging depending on the individual circumstances. Bodyguard VIP protection can comprise crowd control and identifying suspicious behaviour and the presence of unauthorised individuals. Bodyguard executive protection can also involve driving clientele in the role of a security chauffeur and using evasive or defensive driving tactics to depart the scene in the event of a security threat. A close protection officer in Singapore could also be responsible for carrying out vulnerability checks within the client’s personal residence or at a public venue.

For individuals seeking premium safety, are there Private Bodyguards for hire in Singapore on short notice from ASA Security Services?

While it would be fair to say that security plans are easier to curate with more notice before an operation is undertaken, you can hire a personal security officer in Singapore from ASA at short notice. Our services for operation executive security in Singapore are flexible, and we can accommodate last-minute requests for executive protection throughout the country.

What sets apart the VIP Security Services in Singapore provided by ASA Security Services?

ASA has earned a reputation as one of the leading personal protection companies in Singapore on the back of providing exceptional executive protection services globally for over 20 years. The top-tier management within ASA has extensive experience in private security and comes from a background in the armed forces. The VIP close protection officers we work with are all highly skilled ex-military personnel with comprehensive experience within the Singapore personal protection services. Our VIP protection services have been used by royal families, athletes, Hollywood celebrities, HNW individuals, politicians, and corporate titans. We have an impeccable safety record, and many of our clients are repeat clients due to the service we provide and the level of comfort and peace of mind obtained from having an executive protection officer present.

How does the Executive Protection in Singapore from ASA Security Services compare to standard bodyguard services?

ASA has operated a premium service allowing VIP clientele to appoint a personal security guard in Singapore since 1999. Due to the wide-ranging military backgrounds of our top-tier management, office-based executive protection experts, and highly skilled personal bodyguards, we can provide the best in-sector service. Our executive protection services include all-encompassing planning for each security detail we undertake to ensure the principal’s safety at all times, and many of our clients are repeat customers because they know and trust us.

What qualifications do the Close Protection Officers in Singapore from ASA Security Services have?

Each close protection officer in Singapore has a background in law enforcement, the military, or private security. All VIP close protection personnel are highly trained, skilled, and the best in the business. They have protected all types of people, from A-list celebrities to politicians. Our personal bodyguards are fully trained and licensed to carry firearms where permitted.

How does the Personal Bodyguard Singapore cost compare to industry standards?

For an individual needing a personal bodyguard in Singapore, cost can be an important factor. Personal bodyguard cost in Singapore can vary significantly, as can the quality of the service you receive. ASA has no interest in being perceived as a budget option for private protection services. The clientele we work with wants the highest level of personal protection, which is what we supply. It’s an age-old cliche, but you get what you pay for. When we talk about private security in Singapore, we’re talking about situations that could be potentially life-threatening, so we take absolutely no risks in the quality of the VIP protection security personnel we work with or the planning process involved in safeguarding our principals.