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ASA is the maritime security agency in India that the shipping industry’s influential organisations choose to work with as a private, proven, and trustworthy Indian maritime security service to protect merchant vessels at sea and company personnel working in many of the nation’s sea ports.

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ASA Security Services Are One Of The Leading Armed Private Maritime Security Companies In India

We have conducted security details globally for over twenty years and earned our stripes by providing efficient and effective security solutions for the multiple threats faced by the maritime industry. Maritime security in India was in the spotlight after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, where the terrorists gained access to the city from the ocean. As an experienced Indian maritime security company, ASA can protect port facilities, harbours, and vessels from such threats.

As one of the industry-leading India maritime security companies, we offer our clients peace of mind to conduct commerce in the Indian Ocean network of shipping lanes and port facilities by deploying the private security sector’s finest armed personnel. Private maritime security in India is essential, given the multiple dangers associated with shipping in the region. ASA Security Services is a long-standing and well-reputed maritime security company in India that delivers on its promises.

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With So Many Private Maritime Security Companies In India To Choose From Always Check Credentials and Experience Before Anything Else

Even with the joint efforts of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard protecting the Indian Ocean, merchant shipping companies are still at risk from the illegal activities of piracy, terrorism, sabotage, kidnapping, and trafficking. Because of these threats, there are multiple maritime security companies in India that offer Indian maritime security services to protect your marine assets and personnel. But how do you know which Indian maritime security company you can trust with your vessel and crew’s safety?

Do your due diligence and check out the credentials of the company offering maritime security in India that you are considering hiring. ASA’s Indian maritime security services have a long-serving history, and we welcome you to check out our background and expertise in providing maritime security in India. We take no chances with safety, as you shouldn’t, and endeavor to supply India’s industry’s highest standards of private maritime security to protect your interests and organization.

Protect Your Commercial Merchant Vessels, Crew and Cargo With Our Armed Indian Maritime Security Service

Using British ex-military personnel, ASA Security Services protects marine assets throughout the Indian Ocean with the industry’s high standards of India maritime security service. The ISPS fully accredits each Indian maritime security service specialist, and they are weapons trained to protect commercial vessels, crew members, and cargo. After over twenty years in the industry, we continue providing the ultimate private maritime security in India.

Looking For The Best Private Maritime Security India Offers? Contact Our India Maritime Security Agency Today

As a prominent maritime security agency in India, we have a team of Indian maritime security experts awaiting your call who can assist you in providing a bespoke private security service to protect your merchant vessels, port facilities, and marine personnel. To learn just how we can help you contact us today.

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How Does The ASA Security Services Maritime Security Company In India Work?

You may operate a shipping company that owns one or twenty vessels, so every India maritime security service package is tailored to the client’s requirements. Contact our Indian maritime security experts, who will gladly build you a bespoke Indian maritime security strategy that can be implemented at short notice to provide ultimate security and peace of mind.


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Our strategies for maritime security in India are highly detailed and intricate to ensure that nothing is overlooked or underestimated. To learn more about our maritime security agency in India and the high levels of security we can offer your organisation, speak with one of the industry’s best India maritime security companies.


Private Maritime Security Companies In India FAQs

What are the main maritime security threats to India?

The most significant threats to maritime security in India are illegal and unregulated fishing, piracy, terror attacks, and armed robbery. The country has suffered some horrific incidents through the years, resulting in more organisations and shipping firms appointing the services of private maritime security companies in India.

How does piracy affect the shipping industry in India?

Acts of piracy can have several detrimental effects on the shipping industry. First and foremost, you have the physical effects suffered by the vessel crew, who are often taken hostage. You then have potential damage to the ship and possibly its cargo. If shipping companies use the same shipping channels, they can often be seen as easy pickings for criminal gangs. This can regularly lead to ships taking longer routes that use more fuel and take more time. This costs the shipping company heavily and can even result in freight companies not using specific destinations. Effective Indian maritime security services can be appointed to help keep vessels on the route, on schedule and keep insurance costs lower.

Why is ASA Security Services one of the leading private maritime security companies in India?

Our team is highly experienced in designing security strategies that protect client assets in the Indian Ocean and has operated as an Indian maritime security company for over two decades. We’ve earned our reputation as a leading maritime security company in India by engaging in best-practice exercises and securing the best India maritime security service officers in the business. We never promise what we can’t deliver, work transparently, and build solid, long-lasting client relationships.