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ASA Security Services is an industry-leading risk and vulnerability consulting company with over 20 years of high-end experience in the global market. As a security assessment company, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding physical, workforce, and operational security details, making us the go-to experts in vulnerabilities and risk management.

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Leading Global Security Experts In Carrying Out Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Surveys Asia

ASA Security Services have been operating risk and vulnerability consulting services globally since 1999 and have been entrusted to provide vulnerability assessments by members of royalty, high net worth individuals, A-list celeb, as well as companies listed in Forbes’s top 10. As one of the security risk assessment companies on the frontline of assessing vulnerabilities in security operations, you can be assured that our risk assessments will highlight weaknesses and lead to the correct security measures being implemented for your business or family.

Asia based security assessment company with extensive global reach

Leading Security Assessment Company With Extensive Global Reach

As one of the industry’s preeminent security risk assessment firms, we have triumphantly exercised our experience to identify and minimize threats and security risks to organizations and private entities for more than two decades on an international scale. ASA Security Services is a risk and vulnerability assessment company with an extensive global reach and a high level of competence and ability in risk assessment operational expertise tailored to individual requirements and situations across multiple continents.

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A vulnerability assessment and survey are essential in creating an effective security plan. Vulnerability assessments can be underrated, and organizations suffer due to inadequate security measures. ASA is a security risk assessment consulting firm that endeavors to produce remarkably detailed bespoke risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities within an organization. The first step to protecting your assets and reputation is to appoint our security assessment company to conduct a survey and assess the risks you face.

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A professional risk assessment is critical to any business or private entity functioning safely and securely. Operating at the forefront of risk and vulnerability consulting for over 20 years gives ASA Security Services a unique and advantaged position to provide the most trustworthy security risk and threat assessment reports on an urgent and global scale.

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How Do Risk And Vulnerability Assessment Reports Work?

ASA Security Services have the expertise to appraise real-world-based vulnerability and produce an organizational action plan against threats and risks. Our security assessment company specializes in country risk profiles, security and safety assessments, and highly technical reviews. As one of the top security risk assessment companies, we regularly make recommendations for CCTV and access control systems. For a personalized and detailed proposal on how we can optimize your security, contact an ASA team member.


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ASA is an expert at providing risk and vulnerability assessments worldwide and to the highest industry standards. Our objective is to identify the types of threats an organization faces and make recommendations to control and minimize the vulnerabilities. Contact a team member at our risk and vulnerability assessment company today to arrange a risk assessment for your organization.