Maritime Security Training and Ship Security Officer Courses

Over 80% of global trade is transported across the world’s oceans on merchant’s vessels and through port facilities. With numbers like that, it’s easy to understand why ship and port facility security has grown into one of the most significant sectors in the private security industry today. By demand, ASA Security Services provides maritime security officer training and shipboard security officer courses, allowing newly qualified personnel to provide international ship and port facility security services.

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Accredited ISPS Maritime Security Courses For (SSO/VSO/PFSO/CSO)

Since the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Code) came into play in July 2004 to shape the foundation for a comprehensive and compulsory system for international shipping, the maritime industry has had a necessity for seafarers with designated maritime security qualifications to protect company assets and personnel. Our marine security training instructors conduct ship and port security assessments, establish ship security training plans, and provide certified maritime security operative course packages.

With the implementation of the appropriate safety measures and security awareness, a security culture manifests within a workforce and organization. ASA has been providing maritime security training and courses to gain certification for SSOs, VSOs, PFSOs, and CSOs per the ISPS code. Our industry-leading maritime security specialist training courses are designed to provide participants with the highest training standards, allowing them to perform designated security duties with professionalism and expertise.

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Gain Essential Maritime Security Knowledge From the Best With Our In-depth Ship Security Officer Training Courses

There are companies within the private security industry that offer maritime security training online. But here at ASA, we firmly believe that building a culture of security awareness within a workforce onboard a vessel or at a port requires real human interaction. Participation in an ASA maritime security course will be an interactive experience that provides an explanation, a demonstration, an imitation, and a confirmation of knowledge acquisition.

Our maritime security training schools endeavor to provide ships, ports, and marine organizations with the private security industry’s most in-depth vessel security officer course and port and dock marine security course packages. Comprehensive and thorough SSO, VSO, PFSO, and CSO maritime security training courses are available to be enrolled in at our maritime security schools, or we can come to you to conduct a port or ship security course and help develop your personnel with designated security duties and responsibilities.

Maritime Security Training Courses Covering Ship, Port Facility, and Company Security Training

Suppose you’re looking for a ship security course or any form of maritime security operator course. In that case, ASA will be only too happy to sign you up for one of our ISPS Code-compliant courses allowing you to gain the necessary experience and knowledge, and maritime security qualifications to enhance your career and take it to another level. Whether it’s an SSO (Ship Security Officer) course or VSO (Vessel Security Officer) training

International ship and port facility security is highly desired within the maritime industry, and there are many opportunities for individuals who have successfully completed training in maritime security training courses. If you’re new to the maritime sector and require a maritime security officer course, or you’d like to update your qualification and attend vessel security officer training In that case, we are the industry-leading private marine security company that will provide the highest standards of marine security training.

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Seafarers with designated security duties need to be at the top of their game and be able to operate in often difficult circumstances and under pressure. ASA offers industry-leading maritime security officer training for all personnel searching for maritime security accreditation. Our maritime security courses allow entrants to learn basic safety and security awareness of anti-piracy measures and to secure industry-recognized maritime security qualifications. To book a maritime security officer course or ship security officer course, call our experts today.

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How To Enroll In Our Maritime Security Training Courses

Whether you choose vessel security officer training or a maritime security operative course to qualify as a PFSO, we ensure that the course will serve you in the best way possible and enrich you or your employees with industry-accepted maritime security qualifications. Once you contact our ship security training experts, we can arrange a schedule for the marine security course you favor. Maritime security courses can be conducted at your location or one of our maritime security training schools.


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Gain Vital Maritime Security Qualifications With Our Maritime Security School Today

Over many years in the private security industry, ASA has built a reputation within the maritime sector for the quality of training administered at our maritime security training schools. From a ship security training course to port marine security training, our maritime security schools are at the cutting edge for maritime security and can offer a training course package for SSOs, VSOs, PFSOs, and CSOs. Get your maritime security certification with an ASA Security Services vessel security officer course today.


Maritime Security Training FAQs

What's the benefit of having maritime security qualifications?

Completing ISPS Code maritime security specialist training allows you to work globally within the marine security industry because it is an internationally recognized qualification.

Do you offer vessel security officer training courses?

ASA does offer a vessel security officer course that, once qualified, would allow the SSO to complete risk and threat assessments. You could develop, implement, maintain, and supervise security plans onboard a ship.

Do you provide port facility security officer training courses?

We have been offering ship and port facility security training to the industry for many years. With a Port Facility Security Officer maritime security course, you can gain certification for operating in a port and performing the duties expected of a PFSO. Designated security duties may include the following. Developing, maintaining, and supervising a PFSP, identifying risks such as weapons and IEDs, and conducting security training and inspections.

How long is your ship security officer training course?

The length of the maritime security courses we operate depends on which maritime security qualifications you are trying to attain. We often do refresher courses that will last a few days and complete maritime security officer training courses that can run for a week or ten days.

Will I be able to find employment following one of your shipboard security officer courses?

The maritime security industry is huge! Considering that over 80% of all global trade relies on merchant vessels and ports to transport cargo, completing a maritime security course will be a significant step to becoming a marine security professional. Once you gain the certification, we are confident that you will be able to find an appointment within the industry in good time.

How much does your maritime security Service training cost?

A ship security training course can cost around $1000 depending on the details and level of training required. A ship security officer course can be as short as 3-days or run for over a week. For an exact price on the ship security officer training course you’d like to attend, contact our offices, and we’ll gladly arrange your participation in the course of your choice.