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ASA’s exemplary services providing private security in the Philippines grant high-profile persons elite personal protection, whether during private trips or while conducting business. You’ll gain freedom, security, and complete peace of mind when you contact ASA and request a personal security officer in the Philippines.

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Appreciate Exemplary VIP Protection Services With ASA's Private Security In The Philippines

Since our beginning, we’ve been recognized as the preeminent standard in executive security services in the country and operate an elite group of optimally trained, proficient, and experienced private protection services officers with experience in the military. Our private security in the Philippines is unequaled, and we offer a first-class security service to high-profile people such as VIPs and celebrities to ensure the safest and most secure travel. If you’re in need of executive protection, our military-trained personnel are prepared to act under intense stress in any situation.

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Be At Peace Using Our Topflight VIP Close Protection Services In The Philippines

Traveling in peace, secure in the wisdom that a very skilled VIP close protection officer in the Philippines protects your safety and secures you against personal risk, is of great comfort. With the ease of use of the VIP protection services offered by ASA, you’ll find yourself capable of going about your daily activities in total trust and with complete confidence, knowing you have your VIP protection security present to secure your welfare.

Experience The Leading Philippines Personal Protection Services By Working With ASA

We’ve provided close protection VIP security since the company was formed in 1999. The ASA team members have accumulated more than 150 years of expertise and competence in executive protection in the Philippines and globally. Our customers come to us with a firm understanding that they’re getting first-class private protection services. Every personal security officer we work with to provide security for private clients throughout the Philippines is trained to perform under the most high-pressure conditions and stay low-key and concentrated on the task at hand.

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ASA’s services for close protection in the Philippines are outlined to administer an all-encompassing executive protection offering that manages the most assured VIP close protection in the country for those who have a prominent public profile conducting issues within the nation. Whatever you do and for what reason, you will be highly reassured by the presence and protection provided by a close protection officer in the Philippines. We guarantee the highest protection levels when we provide a personal security officer who will protect you and allay any potential threat. Our executive protection services are unmatched by any other private protection company that is based in the Philippines.

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Would You Like To Learn How Our Private Protection Services Work In The Philippines?

Many different circumstances call for the need for VIP protection services throughout the Philippines. It is possible to be a public figure or high-net-worth individual, making safety and personal security a priority. This makes VIP security services in the Philippines crucial to guarantee safety while traveling. When you’re confident about the level of security that you require, which can range from unarmed to armed security for VIPs, you can make an appointment with a private protection services advisor at ASA for a plan of action.


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For over two decades, we’ve offered our Philippines’ close protection services and have an extensive number of clients who endorse the high quality of our VIP close protection personnel. Among the leading personal protection companies in the Philippines, our private protection services are used worldwide. If you require a personal security guard in the Philippines for a forthcoming event, call us today and speak to a VIP close protection specialist.


Philippines Close Protection Vip Security FAQs

What is the strategy to employ an ASA close protection officer in the Philippines?

Being one of the top Philippines executive protection companies, we set the highest standards in close protection VIP security and make it straightforward for our clientele to use our services. No matter what level of security you need. From a close protection officer in the Philippines, or if you’re looking for us to conduct an analysis to determine your specific requirements, we plan everything to the most minute detail. Our VIP security services in the Philippines are conducted by highly skilled experts who have law enforcement backgrounds or military experience. All you have to do is call us to inquire regarding our premium Philippines personal protection services, and then we’ll create an effective security program.

How can ASA Security Services establish VIP convoy protection in the Philippines' busy traffic conditions?

It is commonplace for Philippines executive protection companies to employ a crew of security chauffeurs to assist with VIP convoy protection. Security chauffeurs commonly have experience in chauffeuring high-profile principals and have extensive education in evasive and defensive driving tactics. Our executive security services collaborate together with authorities in the area to ensure safe and comfortable travel when conducting executive protection operations.

Can you elaborate on the tasks of a personal security officer in the Philippines working at ASA Security Services?

The duties of a personal security officer in the Philippines may be broad depending on the particular situation. A personal security guard in the Philippines may need to control crowds and be able to detect suspicious behavior. A personal security officer can also be tasked with chauffeuring clients and employing defensive or evasive driving strategies to exit the area in the situation of a security threat. Officers charged with executive protection services can also conduct vulnerability checks inside the home or public place.

Are ASA’s private VIP protection services for hire in the Philippines with a short notice period?

Although it is correct to say a security plan is straightforward to create with an extended notice period prior to an operation, you can also employ a personal security guard in the Philippines from ASA with very short notice. VIP security services in the Philippines can be adapted, and we can take last-minute requests to provide executive protection throughout the nation.

What is the difference between VIP security services in the Philippines that are provided by ASA Security Services?

ASA has earned prominence among the top companies providing operation executive security in the Philippines due to its history of delivering best-in-class executive protection services worldwide for over 20+ years. The management at the top of the pyramid within ASA is well-versed in private security and has an armed service background. Every personal security officer we employ is a highly trained expert with extensive experience in close protection in the Philippines. We provide executive security services for VIPs used by royal families, celebrities, athletes, Hollywood stars, high-profile individuals, and business titans. We have a stellar security record, and many of our clients are repeat customers due to the quality of service we offer, as well as the level of security and confidence that comes through the presence of bodyguard VIP protection.

How do the private protection services provided by ASA compare to industry standards?

ASA has provided a top service that allows VIP clients to select a personal security guard in the Philippines since 1999. Because of the diverse military background of our top-of-the-line management, workplace-based executive protection experts, and highly trained VIP close protection officers, we can offer the most efficient in-sector services. We offer executive protection services comprising a complete plan for each security element we take on to ensure the safety of the principal is continually maintained. The majority of our clients have been with us for years since they have confidence in our company and the abilities of our Philippines’ close protection services.

What qualifications does a close protection officer in the Philippines from ASA Security Services have?

Every close protection officer in the Philippines from ASA is a veteran of a police department, the military, or private security. All VIP protection services employees are highly trained, proficient, knowledgeable, and the best in their field. They’ve protected individuals, including A-listers, royalty, and politicians. They are permanently contracted to ASA, and each officer providing executive protection in the Philippines is weapons trained and can carry their firearm when permitted.

What is the cost of an ASA personal security officer in the Philippines compared to the industry standard?

For those who require a personal security guard in the Philippines, the cost can be a significant factor. The fees for executive protection in the Philippines are flexible, as can the quality of services you receive. ASA does not want to be seen as a budget alternative in private protection services. Our clientele expect the best level of personal security, which we offer. When we discuss VIP protection security, we’re dealing with situations that could be life-threatening, which is why we don’t take any risks with the safety of the personnel we contract or in the planning process that goes into protecting our principals.