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We are a best-in-class agency for hiring a personal bodyguard. Hong Kong security personnel are used to safeguard high-net-worth individuals, prominent public figures, celebrities visiting the region, and politicians and business travelers. For over two decades, we have been the go-to personal security bodyguard agency for professional bodyguard services. Hong Kong just became your port in the storm with an ASA personal protection bodyguard.

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A Hong Kong Bodyguard Agency That Delivers the Most Prudent Best In Class Protection Service

We have seen the world change dramatically since the company was founded in 1999, and our Hong Kong bodyguard agency has worked tirelessly to stay flexible and state-of-the-art in our continual pursuit of professional excellence. Our dedication to our craft allows us to unceasingly provide the industry’s finest, most competent, licensed Hong Kong personal bodyguards to protect our esteemed clientele. A personal security bodyguard is the best insurance possible to protect your welfare.

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Hiring Licensed Private Bodyguards In Hong Kong Has Been Made Effortless With Us

With our extensive background in providing a leading security service, positioning bodyguards for hire in Hong Kong, and protecting clients, we understand that arranging personal security can often be a stressful challenge. As a preeminent personal bodyguard agency in Hong Kong, we’ve put into place systems that make hiring private bodyguards in Hong Kong straightforward. Being in a position where you require personal security brings its own unique set of worries, so we will remove any additional aggravation and worry by implementing high-end personal security services that take care of business and allow you to continue doing what you do without interference or disruption.

We're Recognized as the Foremost Private Bodyguard Agency In Hong Kong

It’s little wonder that we carry the reputation we do due to having provided exemplary private body guard service for more than two decades. We maintained the safety of royal family members and A-list celebrities and have long been lauded as one of the leading Hong Kong body guard companies. We complete operations and preserve our extraordinary levels of service by working with the finest private security bodyguard personnel in the world.

Our Service Ensures Your Total Peace of Mind When You Employ a Professional Bodyguard In Hong Kong

We draw on over twenty years of experience as the leading private bodyguard agency in Hong Kong. It provides what are widely regarded as the most distinguished private bodyguards in Hong Kong. With a reputation for operating an outstanding service, we endeavor to provide our clientele with unrivaled comfort. We offer personal security guard costs that make hiring a professional bodyguard financially viable. Because we work with the most highly trained and experienced security personnel, our personal security bodyguard services provide total peace of mind while operating on business or pleasure in the region.

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Ensure Around-the-Clock Protection By Enlisting the Help of a Personal Driver and Private Security Bodyguard for any Occasion

We contract only the most outstanding Hong Kong personal bodyguards to protect our clients. Our clients come to us with different requirements, and we do everything within our power to ensure that every detail is taken care of. Whether you require a personal security chauffeur or a private armed bodyguard, we’ll ensure that you receive an outstanding level of around-the-clock protection no matter what the occasion or event.


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If you are in a position that makes you a potential target of unwanted attention, you need to work with the best private bodyguard agency in Hong Kong that can guarantee your safety and welfare. We run a private bodyguard service you can rely upon to provide first-class protection. We have our Hong Kong security experts awaiting your call, who will assist in facilitating your security needs with our bodyguards for hire in Hong Kong.