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ASA is leading the charge in cruise security services to ensure passengers and crew members on board the world’s most luxurious floating hotels enjoy a safe voyage across the oceans. We are a pacesetter in the industry, deploying security officers on cruise ships for over two decades.

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Having Adequate Security On Cruise Ships Is Essential When Traveling Through High-Risk Waters

A 21st-century luxury liner is a far cry from the cruise ships of the past. The current largest cruise ship at the time of writing is the Icon Of The Seas. She is a true behemoth, sits at 365 meters long, and has a maximum capacity of 7600. With the ship’s value as a marine asset and the number of soles on board, cruise line security is imperative as she cruises through high-risk waters.

Security on board cruise ships must be of the highest standards and run by the onboard security director. Whether docked or at sea, the ship could vast sums of cash and jewelry aboard, making the vessel a potential target of serious crime. As a cruise ship security contractor, we arrange security on board cruise ships to ensure the safety of guests and crew when traveling through hazardous bodies of water anywhere in the world.

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Protect Against All Major Incidents With Our Team of Cruise Ship Security Specialists

Many of the world’s most spectacular tourist destinations rely on cruise ships transporting passengers and crews. These incredible sight-seeing destinations often require the ship to voyage through high-risk waters, and that is where a cruise ship security contractor becomes vital. Cruise ship security contractors provide onboard law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of all cruise soles and perform many more duties. The position of a cruise ship security Service is multifaceted.

A cruise line security officer must be skilled in armed counter-piracy tactics, competent in conducting operations, and be SAFE (Situation Awareness in Foreign Environment) trained, qualified to complete security risk assessments and intelligence reports, and trained for medical emergencies. From managing cruise ship boarding security operations to deploying anti-piracy defense tactics, ASA’s cruise ship security personnel play a vital role in a cruise ship reaching its destinations safely and without incident.

Protect Your Crew and Passengers With Discrete And Highly Effective Counterterrorism Trained Cruise Ship Security Officers

The cruise industry is huge, and millions of people choose cruise ships as the perfect way to spend their vacation. With many thousands of people onboard and a marine asset worth upwards of $1 billion, the cruise industry is very conscious of potential threats from piracy and terrorism. Being a leading light in the industry, our cruise ship security service can provide cruise security personnel with training and experience in counterterrorism methods.

Our security on board cruise ships offers a very effective and discreet service that will never disturb the passengers or crew or impede the schedule or running of the ship. We are extremely mindful of maintaining the security of the ship and those on board to the highest standard while conducting our business with total discretion and professionalism. If you want to learn more about cruise ship security services, we will be glad to take your call.

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Security service hiring for cruise ship voyages couldn’t be more simple. If you need a security service on cruise ship tours anywhere worldwide, ASA can fully staff an experienced and professional security department for the duration of the voyage and ensure the safe travel of passengers, crew members, and cruise ship. Hiring security officers is made effortless with us, and all you need do is contact a team member at ASA today and get the ball rolling to hiring our elite cruise security specialists.

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How Does Our Armed Cruise Ship Security Service Work?

Once you contact us and register an interest in hiring a ship security officer or cruise ship security service, we can discuss your requirements. Various details must be assessed and analyzed before security personnel can staff cruise lines. There are many potential threats on a cruise, and we want to be confident that the security of the ship, crew members, and passengers is in no way compromised for the duration of the voyage. We will deploy the finest cruise ship security officer to oversee the cruise ship’s security and safety and provide complete peace of mind for all soles onboard.


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Contact Our Cruise Ship Security Company Today For More Information

If you’ve been searching for cruise ship security companies that can deploy the industry’s best-skilled cruise line security officers, look no further! ASA Security Services has been providing cruise ship security services since 1999 and has a reputation for exceptionally high quality in the private security sector. As the industry leader we have grown to be, cruise lines worldwide rely on us to keep their assets safe on the open sea or in port. To learn more about ASA’s cruise ship security services, contact us today for more information.


Cruise Ship Security FAQ

Do cruise ships have security?

Major cruise lines have highly sophisticated security departments to ensure the safety of those onboard and the vessel itself. An onboard security director will manage a team of cruise security personnel, usually consisting of former law enforcement, military, or armed forces. In addition to safeguarding the welfare of crew and passengers from onboard threats, security officers must protect from outside threats, such as piracy, as a cruise ship often enters high-risk waters.

Why do some cruise lines need private cruise ship security Services?

They are needed very much as a deterrent onboard the ship. A cruise ship can have large sums of money, jewelry, and other goods of high value carried by passengers on a cruise. Several external threats require cruise ship security services. Traveling through high-risk water to some incredible destinations can see a genuine threat of piracy and other threats faced in ports. While in port, the ships can be a target for robberies and illicit smuggling, and human trafficking. Ships are a target, and therefore a cruise ship security officer is vital.

Are all of your cruise ship security armed?

A security officer onboard the ship will be armed. Cruise security personnel are very discreet as they carry out a variety of tasks onboard the vessels. A cruise ship security officer could face several situations on the ship that require them to be armed, and they are all highly trained in defusing potentially threatening situations.

Do your cruise ship security Services conduct armed counter-piracy operations?

As a leading cruise ship security contractor, each cruise ship security officer is highly proficient at conducting armed anti-piracy operations. Our cruise ship security, armed personnel are authorized to use force if necessary.

Do your cruise ship security services include risk assessments for transits, ports, and locally visited areas?

With over twenty years of experience supplying security officers as a cruise ship security company, we include all client risk management assessments. Risk assessment is vital in protecting all marine assets, crew members, and passengers, whether on the open ocean or in ports.

Why are you considered one of the best cruise ship security companies around?

ASA has been at the forefront of cruise ship security services for over two decades. We have built up our reputation with clients and within the private security industry, and we are rightfully proud of the level of security on cruise ships we can deploy. We never promise a service that we can’t deliver to our clientele and leave no stone unturned in our efforts to keep a ship and its passengers safe and secure. From our members of senior management, staff at our seven global offices, and every cruise line security officer at ASA, we strive to provide the best ship security services in the industry.

Are your private cruise ship security Services ex-military personnel?

A security officer at ASA will have a working background in law enforcement, the armed forces and military, or private security. In some cases, security officers have served time in more than one of these professions. As a cruise ship security contractor that has placed security officers worldwide, we only deploy the best the industry offers in terms of personnel.