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ASA is an incident response and crisis management company with the skillset and experience to provide crisis response services internationally during emergencies and disasters.

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World Leading Emergency Crisis Management Company & Medical Evacuation Services With Proven Track Record Since 1999

Since our company was founded over two decades ago, we have provided medical evacuation services, crisis management plans, and crisis response solutions to handle emergencies and crises on a national and international level.

Leading asian emergency crisis management company with proven track record since

Numerous Consultation Incident And Crisis Management Projects Undertaken Worldwide Over The Last 20 Years

We have operated several significant emergency crisis management projects over the years. We were required to conduct rescue and evacuations for the 2004 Asian tsunami, provided crisis response solutions post 9/11, and evacuated more than 100 people during the Bangkok airport siege 2008.

Incident Response And Crisis Management Service With Offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UK

With multiple international incident and crisis management offices from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, ASA Security can design crisis management plans to respond to disasters in real time.

An Emergency Crisis Management and Crisis Response Services You Can Count On Whatever Situation Arises

With our real-world experience and knowledge, you can trust ASA to develop effective crisis management plans that can be actioned and relied upon in the event of a disaster anywhere in the world.

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Need A Crisis Management Plan Formulated By Our Emergency Response Experts?

Planning and executing emergency and crisis response solutions is what we have successfully done for over twenty years, and if you require crisis management plans formulating, ASA has you covered.


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