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Private Sea Port Security Services: International Ship and Port Security Company

ASA offers port safety and security services to the maritime industry to provide security measures, temporary or permanent. In real-world situations where vessels and the security of marine assets are at risk from illicit trade, illegal immigration, piracy, and terrorist attacks, our best-in-class frontline maritime port security service is fundamental to ensuring the port operates with safety.

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Global Ports and Terminals Security Solutions That Protect Against Major Incidents, Loss of Life and Losing Cargo

With shipping companies transporting billions of dollars worth of cargo around the world daily to keep the global economy ticking, international ship and port facility security play a vital role in ensuring vessels, cargo, and crew reach their final destination safely and securely. Our international ship port security services offer top-line private security personnel to protect maritime goods and staff and ensure the smooth running of the supply chain.

ASA’s ports and terminals security services provide some of the industry’s best-trained and most experienced maritime port security services personnel as a deterrent against serious port security threats. It is critical to be in a position to protect company assets from the threat of illegal narcotics smuggling, people trafficking, piracy, armed robbery, and terrorist attacks. The importance of maritime security for the avoidance of significant safety incidents, the protection of cargo containers, and ensuring the preservation of life can’t be overvalued.

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Sea Port Security Company: Experts At Conducting Port Terminal Risk Management and Implementing Corresponding ISPS Security Plans

Having been active in port security since 1999, we’ve become a leading provider of international ship and port facility security services. As a highly regarded and well-respected port security company, ASA is adept at port risk management and organizing ISPS security plans. Whether it’s the coast guard or Customs and border protection, they are a deterrent, but that doesn’t always stop security breaches from occurring when there is so much to be gained from criminal activity.

An ASA highly-trained port security officer will not only pose as a deterrent but will be ready and capable of reacting to any security threats and situations that arise. We meet all maritime and seaport security requirements per the ISPS Code to maximize efficiency and maintain port security at the highest levels. We have operatives stationed around the globe providing port facility security and onboard transportation security, making us the go-to company for port-to-port maritime security.

International Ship Port Security Services Available Across Africa, the Middle East and Asia

With our twenty-plus years of providing global port safety and security services, ASA has deployed security personnel to many of the world’s largest and busiest seaports. With an incredible amount of cargo being moved daily through these docking points, it’s little wonder why criminal entities target them. Port security threats are wide-ranging and require an experienced and skillful port risk management plan to ensure cargo containers, vessels, crew, and staff are safe from danger.

We’ve provided port safety and security for some of the southern hemisphere’s busiest ports, from Dar es Salaam, Mogadishu, and Durban on the Indian Ocean and Abidjan, Algiers, and Cape Town on the Atlantic Ocean. Our international ship and port facility security services have been activated in the Middle Eastern ports of Jebel Ali, Hamad, and Khalifa and ports worldwide. Companies choose ASA because we offer exceptional port security management that instills trust and confidence.

Avoid Major Security Breaches And Incidents With Our Team Of Highly Experienced Port Security Services

Our port safety and security personnel are vetted and licensed and have come from backgrounds in the armed forces, military, law enforcement, or private security. A professional port security service minimizes the threat of significant security breaches to maritime transport, cargo containers, port buildings, and people. With the potential for terrorist attacks, human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, piracy, and robbery, port security is of the utmost concern. Let our international port security service alleviate the worry and provide port security and safety.

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How Does Our International Ship And Port Facility Security Work?

ASA is the port security company that can provide security at any level required. We tailor our maritime port security packages to your needs. We offer more than a static security officer service. We use highly trained maritime security experts with unique skill sets to deter criminals and secure your marine assets. Our maritime port security services offer rapid response solutions to protect the port’s assets and staff. Ports are vulnerable, and if you require an ASA port security package, contact us, and we’ll gladly put together a proposal to ensure your port’s safe and efficient operation.


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For port security services, contact us and speak with a team member at ASA regarding your maritime security requirements. Whether you need a single port security officer, a port-to-port maritime security service, or a team of armed specialists to form a highly effective department of security within the port, we are the go-to company for port security. Check out our maritime port security service packages when you chat with us to see how we can protect your port and marine assets from threats and risks.


International Port Security FAQs

What is port security in maritime?

Port security falls under the umbrella of maritime security. Port security and safety is about the specific law enforcement and security measures taken to protect a shipping port, dock, or marina, from criminal activities such as robbery, smuggling, human trafficking, and terrorism. All ports face these potential threats and appoint the help of professional port security companies as a deterrent.

What are the most common sea port security threats?

Narcotics smuggling is a common threat in seaports, as well as human trafficking and robbery. With thousands of cargo containers being moved through a port daily, organized crime gangs and individuals try to bypass ports and terminals’ security to profit from illicit activity. Port security companies also see a genuine threat from terrorist attacks and violent robberies.

Where are your international ship and port security operations mainly situated?

ASA has trained security personnel stationed around to world. We operate port safety and security operations in ports globally. As an international private security company, we protect maritime assets, people, and ports. Our international port security officers can be deployed almost anywhere globally at short notice to conduct security measures.

Do you offer port security management as a service?

ASA can be used to provide port security management to almost any port in the world. Ports and docks are constantly at risk from multiple threats. Having security at the port managed by a highly-trained port security officer can play an essential role in keeping security measures at an optimal level. The safety and security of the port, its assets, and its workforce is the priority and one which port risk management can accomplish.

Is port risk management part of your port security services?

ASA does provide port risk management as part of our port security company service. We take a proactive approach to risk management within the maritime environment. We will appraise all the security and safety risks of the port and address them, ultimately achieving our objective of safety and sea port security.

What qualifications do your port security officers have?

The ASA maritime security personnel have a history of law enforcement, private security, armed forces, and the military. In addition to having a fully checkable career background, each port security officer is vetted by us, fully licensed and ensure, and trained to use firearms. Ports are high-pressure environments regarding safety and security. As the leading provider of ports and terminals’ security for the maritime industry, ASA only works with the finest private security officers.

Why is ASA Security Services one of the worlds leading international sea port security companies?

ASA Security Services has become highly regarded within the industry and among our clientele after over twenty years of providing high-level international ship and port security. From the senior management team to the operational staff at our seven global offices, we strive to offer first-class maritime port security service while building long-term business relationships.