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Suppose your personal safety is at risk when you travel because of your employment or because you’re a high-profile individual. In that case, a close protection VIP security service will minimise threats and provide peace of mind. ASA is one of the world’s top close protection companies and our 150 years of shared knowledge and experience gives clients a unique well-rounded, and military-trained team of experts ready for any situation.

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Leading Close Protection Company Offering Frontline Security Solutions for VIPs and High-Net-Worth Individuals

As a leading close protection company, ASA knows what it takes to provide clients with the highest protection service and offer safety and security. Since founding the company in 1999, we’ve been fortunate to provide frontline security solutions to A-list stars, athletes, royalty, and dignitaries, worldwide with our private close protection services. We uphold a remarkable nature of personal security from a single close protection officer to large executive protection teams.

With many high-net-worth individuals and families, business tycoons, and royal family members among our clientele, you can receive the best VIP close protection assistance available worldwide. Each close protection agent has a military, law enforcement, or private security background to ensure they provide unequaled personal protection in their theatre of operations. With our close protection agency and security teams, you can continue your travels with the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones well taken care of.

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Our Close Protection Specialists Protect Clients Against Harassment, Harm, and Attack 24 Hours a Day

As mentioned, our close security protection agents come from various professional backgrounds, including law enforcement, Special Forces, Army, and other VIP close protection companies. It is the duty and responsibility of every close protection operative to protect clients from harassment, harmful situations, and physical attacks. Appointing close protection VIP security affords the utmost sense of private protection for you if you get placed in a position of vulnerability.

One thing to remember when appointing the services of close protection agencies is the close protection agent availability. At ASA, we can provide you with a close protection specialist and complete security teams 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, individuals and groups that may wish to disrupt or harm VIPs don’t take days off, so nor do our close protection consultants or agents. We work around the clock to protect our clients from the threat of harm and disruption, which positions ASA among the elite close protection service providers.

One of the World's Leading Close Protection Companies with Offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and UK,

ASA has been steadily expanding as a close protection agency since being established by our Founder and Chairman, Simon Wagstaff BEM MIExpE, in 1999. Having served in the British Army for 20 years as a Senior Bomb Disposal Officer with Commando Forces, Simon has lived in Asia since 1989 and founded The ASA Group in Manila. From our infancy in the Philippines, ASA has gone from strength to strength and built a global network of offices, close protection, international operatives, and vendors.

Since our initial corporate close protection office base in Manila, we now have ASA-staffed offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and UK. We have built up a trusted partnership with many former colleagues to form a global network of executive close protection consultants and agents who have helped to conduct close security protection operations in almost every country worldwide and position us as one of the region’s top close protection firms.

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If you need close protection services and want to work with one of the industry’s top close protection companies, reach out to us today and speak to our close protection consultants. With over 20 years of experience providing close protection security services, we’ve given our clients the highest protection, safety, and assurance level. We can ensure you have personal protection for a high-risk journey to a country with civil unrest to a business meeting in London. Whatever your private security requirements are, our team will protect you.

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How Our Close Protection Services and Close Protection Specialists Work

A close protection service and private security can be essential for multiple reasons, and ASA has a range of executive protection services available. From unarmed to armed close protection, if you know what level of security you require, just let us know. Or, speak to a private close protection specialist who can advise and help guide you. Once you have decided on the most appropriate protection services, please make an appointment with our close protection consultants to make detailed arrangements for the security detail and your close protection operative.


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Need A Discreet and Effective International Close Protection Service? Speak to Our Close Protection Agency Today

Suppose you need unflappable international close protection private security. In that case, ASA is recognized among the world’s best close protection companies for providing top-level personal security with a personal touch. We have applied ourselves to specialist close protection for over 20 years, and our distinguished high-profile and high-net-worth repeat clients would more than attest to how good our close protection services are. If you need the best private security to ensure your safety, speak with an ASA executive close protection specialist today.

Private Security Close Protection Company FAQs

What is a close protection security service?

Close protection services provide individuals or groups with security and close protection from threats, including physical violence, kidnapping, harassment, and even assassination. The position of a close protection officer or close protection agent includes many responsibilities to ensure the absolute safety of the client.

Are your close protection specialists fully licensed?

ASA close protection agents are trained to an exceptionally high degree. Not only are our close protection security staff highly trained and fully licensed, but they come from either the Army, Special Forces, or law enforcement background or have previous experience working for close protection security companies.

Why are ASA Security Services considered one of the best close protection companies in the world?

We’ve spent more than 20 years providing corporate, close protection, and close protection personal security for a whole spectrum of clients. We’ve worked for and continue to work with members of five royal families to provide them with close protection security services. They can go about their daily business or travel internationally with private close protection, ensuring their safety. We also provide close protection security services to Hollywood stars at red carpet events and premiers, musicians, governmental figures, and politicians, and we have HNW individuals that can also require a close protection operative. When you consider the experience and knowledge of the ASA senior management team, our seven staffed offices, spotless safety record, clientele list, and highly trained VIP close protection agents, it’s little wonder that we are recognized and referred to as one of the best close protection security companies.

Can your close protection operatives be deployed anywhere in the world?

We can deploy our close protection operative teams anywhere in the world. ASA has conducted private security close protection operations globally. Whether a client requires a single close protection operative or a team of close protection agency to travel to multiple international destinations, ASA Group can provide a close protection service unrivaled by any other VIP close protection companies.

What type of training and backgrounds do your close protection officers have?

The senior management at ASA have backgrounds that include British Army Commando Forces Bomb Disposal, the British Royal Marines, and multi-service multi-national multi-million grossing security companies. As one of the leading close protection firms in the industry, we complete due diligence on each and every close protection officer before working with them. In many cases, a close protection agent will be an ex-colleague, and all come from serving in the armed forces, military, law enforcement, or other top close protection companies.

Do your close protection security services offer armed close protection?

A private security provider, close protection operation, can often require an officer to be armed on duty. An armed close protection officer will be deployed if necessary for the operation. Although they are permitted to carry firearms, certain counties don’t allow this, so it is down to the local authorities.

How much does your close protection service cost?

The cost of a private security specialist service will depend on many variables. Is it just one close protection operative for a one-day escorting service, or is a team of armed close protection officers required for a week of international travel? On the lower end, you could look at $500 per day and then scale up for more extensive and extended operations.

What makes ASA Security Services different from other close protection agencies?

We believe we supersede other VIP close protection companies due to each ASA team member’s expertise in our operation. From company Founder & Director Simon Wagstaff to the in-house operations staff at our seven international office destinations to our incredible close protection consultants, everyone is at the top of their game and ready to provide the best close protection security services to ensure our client’s safety and wellbeing.

Where is your international close protection company situated?

ASA has locations globally, including offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the UK. You can contact us regarding any of our services and speak with a consultant about what level of protection you require. We can organize a consultation with our close protection international consultants.