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Physical Security Risk Assessment and Physical Security Site Surveys

Preserving safety and ensuring your physical site is protected by security systems fit for purpose are paramount to maintaining business profitability. Since being established in 1999, ASA Security Services has been trusted by multinational and Fortune 500 companies to conduct physical security surveys worldwide and provide a physical security server report recommending countermeasures to mitigate risks.

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Fully Understand The Vulnerabilities Of Your Establishment With Our Physical Security Survey Report

Completing a physical security risk assessment is essential for your business to help comprehensively understand the threats and vulnerabilities of your physical location and assets. ASA Security Services will perform a physical threat assessment of your facility, produce an in-depth report on the current effectiveness of your physical security measures, and list recommendations on areas that need improvement. Commissioning a physical security site survey is the first step to ensuring your security measures are appropriate and sufficient.

Physical security risk assessment company with offices in hong kong thailand malaysia indonesia and singapore

Physical Security Risk Assessment Company With Offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UK

As one of the industry’s renowned physical security risk assessment companies with over two decades of physical security vulnerability assessment, we’ve been leading the charge in the security risk assessments niche from our international offices globally. From our prominently staffed offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UK, we operate a highly proficient physical security risk assessments team you can entrust to assess and provide recommendations and countermeasures for your facility.

Avoid Any Potential Security Incidents At Your Properties With Our Insightful Physical Threat Assessments and Physical Security Surveys

There may be multiple threats and vulnerabilities that need to be taken into account during physical security surveys. Getting a physical security survey report aims to help you recognize and acknowledge the potential threats and risks to your facility before incidents occur. A thorough assessment is a way of understanding what your security systems currently lack and allowing for changes to be implemented to make sure future security incidents are avoided.

How Much Does A Physical Security Assessment Cost? Call Us Today and Request a Quote

If you’re currently unsure about the level of the security measures you have in place, ASA will conduct a first-class physical security risk assessment outlining countermeasures and steps to protect your premises. The first step is to speak with an ASA team member, find out about physical security assessment cost, and receive a tailored quote for our experts to perform a risk assessment for your facility.

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How Do Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments Work?

Upon contacting ASA Security Services regarding your physical security risk assessment requirements, you’ll receive a comprehensive quote to assess your current security measures. Arrangements will be made to get a physical threat assessment expert to your facility and complete a detailed physical security survey report.


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If your facility requires a physical security vulnerability assessment to enable your organization to implement effective security measures to protect from internal and external threats and risks, request a physical threat assessment survey from ASA Security Services today from an expert team member in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, or the United Kingdom.