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ASA Security Services offers the finest maritime security solutions to protect superyachts and their owners. With over two decades of experience in super yacht security, including risk management and anti-piracy protection, yacht owners are choosing ASA to protect their high-value marine assets and ensure the safety of those on board.

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Hire Professional Superyacht Security Officers With Armed Counter-Piracy Training

Whether superyachts are at sea, in port, or in dry dock, we can protect them from their various threats and dangers. Security for super yachts is essential to the crew’s and your vessel’s safety. A yacht can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, making it a target for piracy and other criminal activity. With our superyacht security company services tailored to your needs, we can build a plan to ensure your security and safety.

ASA Security Services allows you to hire luxury yacht security services who are all uniquely skilled and trained in highly effective counter-piracy measures. We assure you that your vessel and all those on board are safe with the presence of our private yacht security personnel. We design our yacht security services to impact your privacy and downtime to an absolute minimum while providing the ultimate assessments and security measures to ensure protection around the clock.

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Navigate Unsafe Waters With Peace Of Mind With The Leading Superyacht Security Specialist

In the world of superyachts and megayachts, security is indispensable for maintaining the safety of passengers and crew members and protecting the vessel itself. An onboard superyacht security officer or team of luxury yacht security specialists can make the difference between voyaging safely through unsafe waters or becoming a target for pirates and illicit criminal activity. As a superyacht security agency, our clients and their assets are most important.

ASA has been the superyacht security specialist for high net-worth individuals, celebrities, and royals since 1999 and is proudly recognized as one of the elite superyacht security companies providing this niche service and protecting some of the world’s most spectacular privately owned maritime vessels. Our clients gain complete peace of mind from our security solutions when they voyage through high-risk and unsafe waters, making us the go-to private superyacht security service.

From Security Risk Assessments to Intelligence Reports and Medical Assistance Our Superyacht Security Service Has You Covered

Sometimes, people unjustifiably believe that luxury yacht security services are just a visual deterrent to warn off unwanted attention. That unwanted attention can come in many forms, from piracy to having your privacy violated by drones. But super yacht security personnel provide highly skilled and unique services that keep yacht owners’ high-value marine assets, family and friends, and business associates safe and secure while onboard, making yacht security officers essential to minimize risk and maximize protection.

The responsibilities of super yacht security officers can include completing a detailed security risk assessment and intelligence reports before casting off. An ASA superyacht security officer will thoroughly assess all risks and threats to the vessel, ensure all security measures are tailored for the ultimate level of protection, and have contingency plans if required. And each ASA Security Services armed yacht security specialist is trained to administer appropriate medical care in extreme situations.

Mega Yacht Security That Identifies Potential Threats, Vulnerabilities, And Risks

An experienced ASA yacht security officer will be able to identify all potential threats to your vessel regardless of where you are in the world. Our officers are experts in conducting risk assessments and management to find out your yacht’s vulnerabilities and potential threats. All superyacht security agencies should determine these essential details that allow a security plan to be tailored to your requirements. As an industry-leading superyacht security company, we do the homework to ensure our protection service always runs smoothly.

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How Does Our Superyacht Security Agency Work?

As a front-line superyacht security agency, our protection services go beyond simply deploying a security officer. Yacht security services include general security risk appraisals, superyacht passage planning, full-time close protection, transit, and relocation security services, specialist diving teams to oversee tracking device searches, and onboard security for events. Our super and mega yacht security services are tailored to each vessel, client, and operation, and all are completed to the highest standards in the superyacht security service industry.


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If you own a superyacht or are acting on behalf of a superyacht owner and require maritime security conducted to the finest standards in the world, speak with one of our superyacht security specialist team members. As one of the industry’s most experienced and recognized superyacht security companies, we can provide the maritime protection you need for your vessel that you can rely on and have confidence in. As well as the best maritime security services, our super yacht security packages are highly competitive without compromising on the quality of our services.


Superyacht Security FAQs

Do superyachts have security?

Maritime security systems onboard super and mega yachts can be highly sophisticated and expensive. Depending on the size and requirements of a vessel, armoring a yacht could cost up to a million dollars or more to upgrade a roof, windows, and doors. Private yacht security features can also include advanced surveillance systems, threat detection systems, thermal cameras, drones, deck sensors, and lockdown systems.

How are super yachts protected?

Security and safety are paramount for superyachts. As well as all the technology onboard yachts, most superyacht owners choose to appoint the services of a superyacht security agency. A yacht security officer can provide their expertise onboard your vessel and help train existing crew members to recognize risk and improve security measures.

Do yachts have security Services?

Safety and security measures onboard many of the world’s most spectacular superyachts have teams of luxury yacht security officers onboard to complete risk assessments and protect the vessel and crew from threats faced in high-risk areas. A maritime super yacht security officer will have many onboard responsibilities, from completing risk assessments and intelligence reports to training crew and conducting anti-piracy operations. To be assured of the highest level of onboard mega-yacht security, it is best to have a mix of the latest in marine security technology and a physical presence from super yacht security personnel.