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With a coastline of over 850km leading out into the Gulf of Guinea, shipping companies and port facilities can benefit significantly from ASA, the best maritime security company in Nigeria. Since 1999, we’ve provided high-level maritime security services in Nigeria, protecting marine assets, including vessels and ports, from pirates, terror threats, and sabotage.

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ASA Security Services Are One Of The Leading Private Maritime Security Companies In Nigeria

Sophisticated and well-organized piracy groups have been operating out of Nigeria for decades. Many of these piracy attacks are committed in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and are not only carried out by the gang’s operational crew but are financed by sponsors. With pirate groups ranging in size from 3 to 30 members, the services of marine security companies in Nigeria become an essential countermeasure for protecting shipping company assets and crew.

ASA has been performing as one of the top Nigeria maritime security companies in the Gulf of Guinea with great success for over two decades. As a seasoned maritime security company in Nigeria, we understand the threats and risks faced by freight shipping companies. From piracy kidnappings to petro-piracy, our maritime security service in Nigeria provides a complete protection service to keep vessels, cargo, and personnel safe, secure, and operational in the field, allowing your business to operate undisturbed in high-risk waters.

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Our Maritime Security Services In Nigeria Operatre Exceptional Port Facility Security Operations From Lagos and Calabar

Our maritime security service in Nigeria covers more than just vessel security services. Since ASA was established in the late 90′, we’ve provided port terminal security services across the globe. Serving mainly western Nigeria, Tin Can Island Port and the Apapa Port are facilities where we have operated our maritime security services in Nigeria. With The Lagos Port Complex serving as a significant economic pathway to the country, piracy here is a genuine threat.

As well as The Lagos Port Complex, ASA maritime security in Nigeria engages in security details at the Calabar Port Complex. Containing the Old Port, New Port, and Dockyard, the complex has the authority over the crude oil terminals at Antan, Oduhu, Yoho, and Qualboe, making them a prime target for sponsored piracy attacks. The port facilities and vessels need an experienced Nigeria maritime security company like ASA to ensure facility buildings, ships, personnel, and cargo are safe and secure from threats of piracy, terror, and sabotage.

A Nigeria Maritime Security Agency That Recruits Seasoned British Ex-Military

As one of the leading security vessel companies in Nigeria, we take great pride in the level of service we provide to our clients. Our Nigeria maritime security company operates with highly-skilled and experienced British ex-military security personnel. All operatives providing maritime security in Nigeria are weapons-trained, licensed, and fully ISPS accredited. As the leading maritime security company in Nigeria, our reputation has been built on the success of our services and the security personnel we employ.

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If you own or run a freight shipping company in the Gulf of Guinea or within the port complexes of Nigeria, you’ll be well aware of the potential threats and dangers. ASA is one of the most experienced marine security companies in Nigeria, and we outclass the completion in our sector by providing the industry’s fines private security solutions. If you’ve been searching for the best maritime security in Nigeria, look no further and contact us today and speak with an expert to discuss your requirements.

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How Our Nigeria Maritime Security Company Works

With the various potential threats the maritime industry faces in the high-risk waters of the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria maritime security companies understand the importance of having a detailed security strategy that includes contingencies for certain circumstances. Once you contact us and highlight your need for our maritime security service in Nigeria, we can work on designing a bespoke security strategy that suits your needs, whether for a vessel, port, or a complete package.


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As a Nigeria maritime security agency with office destinations worldwide and over twenty years served in the private security industry, we have the knowledge and know-how to undertake any security detail you may require. As an industry frontrunner, ASA’s Nigeria maritime security company will help secure your vessels, ports, and personnel to ensure that your commercial enterprise remains unaffected by outside threats. To appoint the finest maritime security in Nigeria, contact our experts today.


Maritime Security In Nigeria FAQs

What are the maritime threats in Nigeria?

The threats that face shipping companies and port facilities in Nigeria are piracy, robbery, sabotage, and terror attacks. The Niger Delta region of Nigeria is home to some of the most sophisticated and well-organized piracy groups. Often, they have financial backing from wealthy sponsors who finance their operations. With ports like Calabar, petro-piracy is a real threat and requires private maritime security companies in Nigeria to protect company assets.

What is the Nigerian maritime strategy?

The National Maritime Strategy is designed to support economic prosperity, development, and growth by sustainably optimizing Nigeria’s maritime resources. As a long-standing Nigeria maritime security company, this is something that ASA supports and assists.

Why is ASA Security Service one of the leading private maritime security companies in Nigeria?

ASA has provided maritime security services in Nigeria for over twenty years and has completed security operations for some of the shipping industry’s biggest companies. We have a vast knowledge of the region and work with the finest security personnel to ensure our services are second to none. When you combine everything we offer as a private security service, it positions us as one of the top Nigeria maritime security companies.

What experience do the security specialists working for your Nigeria maritime security agency have?

The personnel that we appoint for maritime security in Nigeria are British and French ex-military. They have comprehensive experience dealing with potential threats and working in high-stress environments. As a trustworthy and well-regarded Nigeria maritime security agency, we only work with the finest weapons-trained security specialists the industry has to offer, and all private security personnel is ISPS accredited.