Land And Offshore Oil And Gas Security Services

With the oil and gas industry continuing to hold up the global economy, production delays could overwhelm the entire supply chain and the consumer. Oil rig and gas field security has become essential to ensure production levels remain unaffected, company assets are also protected, and workers stay safe from a range of threats and dangers.

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The Oil Rig Security And Oil Field Security Company You Can Rely On Whatever The Situation

ASA Security Services has successfully operated gas field and oil rig security services since 1999, and we have become one of the best-in-class oil rig security contractors. Because of their location, oil rigs often become the target of piracy, terrorism, civil protest, inter-state hostilities, vandalism, and even internal sabotage, making a highly-skilled professional oil rig and gas field security service vital for protecting production and human life.

Oil and gas companies can’t afford lengthy delays in production due to terror attacks or sabotage on offshore platforms, rigs, or refineries. A delay of several days is severe, but weeks or months would be devastating. ASA is an experienced oil rig security company you can rely on for your oil & gas security services worldwide, whatever the situation. Our oil company security officers are the best in the private security sector at surveillance, threat and risk analysis, anti-piracy measures, and many other unique skills.

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Oil Field Surveillance And Threat Risk Management Services That Can Effectively Tackle Any Eventuality

With over two decades of experience acquired from providing high-end security, oil and gas companies worldwide have entrusted us to provide onshore and offshore services. From the exploration and research at the front end of the oil and gas cycle to the supply and distribution, threats exist that require the skills of gas and oil rig security contractors. Surveillance and risk management sit high on the list of essential services ASA offers as a gas and oil field security company.

Our oil & gas security personnel ensure operational efficiency for clients by implementing the latest monitoring, detection, and rig and oil field surveillance techniques. Our gas and oil field security services surveillance and risk management measures aim to ensure production efficiency, diminish losses caused by potential security breaches, and secure company assets and personnel using the latest technology and an exacting physical security approach.

Global Offshore Oil Rig Security That Protects Against Piracy, Terrorism, Insurgency, Organized Crime, Vandalism And Internal Sabotage

Over the years, oil platform security has become far more widespread due to the various threats oil and gas companies face to their assets. In 2021, authorities cataloged more than 11 pirate heists in the Gulf of Mexico. In June 2022, pirates kidnapped six oil company employees from an oil rig in the Ku-Mallob-Zaap oil field, stealing personal belongings and company-owned property. An effective oil rig security service operating surveillance and anti-piracy measures would reinforce inadequate oil company security.

Security in oil and gas industry companies is also required due to incidents involving terror groups, insurgents, and organized criminal gangs. These all provide a severe and genuine threat to productivity and personnel and can be defended against with ASA’s oil and gas security service. Two other potential risks that threaten oil rig security are vandalism and internal sabotage. Security threats from within the company are not uncommon but can be defended against by our highly-skilled and experienced rig security officers.

One of The Worlds Leading Oil Field Security Companies Offering Unparalleled Security To The Oil And Gas Industry

As one of the prime oil field surveillance and offshore oil rig security companies in the world, ASA Security Services provide unsurpassed levels of threat and risk analysis, technical surveillance, and physical security in gas and oil industry hotspots worldwide. We operate with the industry’s most uniquely skilled rig security officers to provide oil and gas companies with peace of mind and the knowledge that their company assets and personnel will be safe and secure around the clock to do their job and maintain production schedules.

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How Does Our Oil And Gas Security Company Work?

In all the years ASA has provided oil platform security, you will be assured that our rig security personnel have operated our security, oil, and gas services in many of the world’s fields. From the Upper Zakum and Yibal to the Snoore and Statfjord oil fields, we can deploy oil company security teams wherever needed. Once you contact us regarding our oil and gas field security service, arrangements will be made, and a team can be dispatched to a location to start to work on protecting your rigs and personnel.


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The industry has recognized us as one of the most comprehensive oil & gas security providers with experience in deploying oil field security services globally. If you require the services of an industry-leading gas and oil rig security company to protect your oil rig from threats such as piracy, terrorism, internal sabotage, and various other risks faced by oil and gas companies, speak with an ASA team member today to discuss your requirements.


Oil Field And Oil Rig Security Companies FAQs

What is security in oil and gas?

Maritime and oil rig security services ensure the oil and gas industry’s upstream, midstream, and downstream operational sectors are secured using maritime and oil rig security specialists. The industry uses some of the most expensive industrial machinery on the planet and in some often very remote locations. It makes them a target for various illicit activities, such as piracy, terrorism, and sabotage, meaning that a high-level gas and oil field security service is essential. Security officers will conduct oil field surveillance, risk assessments, anti-piracy, anti-terror measures, and other security details to protect the supply chain and its personnel.

Do you offer land and offshore security risk management services for the oil and gas industry?

ASA can provide oil field security services for land and offshore locations. We have organized risk management services for security in gas and oil industry hotspots globally. From the Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia and Carabobo 1 in Venezuela to the Hibernia platform.

Does your oil and gas security service operate in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia?

ASA Security Services has seven global offices with rig security officers stationed in many parts of the world. Our oil company security services are international, and we can deploy our oil rig security service to any continent or ocean.

Does your security service protect offshore drilling and oil wells?

As a seasoned oil field security company with over twenty years of experience in oil platform security, we are adequately positioned to provide multiple levels of high-end protection to oil and gas companies. We regularly fulfill contracts to set up rig security for offshore drilling and oil wells.

Do you provide security for escort vessels as part of your offshore oil rig security protocol?

ASA will provide onboard armed security personnel for offshore oil rigs and escort vessels. OSVs offer a variety of services offshore for a rig. They vary from ships such as seismic survey vessels and PSVs to diving support vessels and boats for maintenance and repairs. By the very nature of what they do and what equipment they carry, they become targets for pirate gangs, terror groups, and other criminal activity. As front-line oil rig security contractors, we can arrange teams of oil and gas security personnel to onboard these vessels and ensure the crew’s safety, leaving them free to do their jobs with high security and peace of mind.

What training have your oil field security service operatives undertaken?

ASA Security Services operates its oil field security service with the industry’s best rig security personnel. As an employer, we accept nothing but the finest security officers from various associated backgrounds, including law enforcement, the military, armed forces, and previous private security backgrounds. Oil field security companies don’t take chances with their personnel. ASA rig security officers are all vetted, firearms trained, licensed, and experienced in the maritime and oil and gas security industry.