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As a leading international security company we work with the best-trained security and safety practitioners in the industry to provide a comprehensive catalogue of international security services. With the support of our trusted operators and global network of partners, our clients can move around the world with the highest level of security for international travel. As a prominent international security firm, we can provide the following services for our international client base.

Private & Corporate Travel Security Services​

Global Travel Security Company​

Established in 1999, ASA has earned a global reputation as a highly respected international private security consultancy with the experience, skill, and intelligence to arrange superior travel, consulting, private investigation, missing person investigation, crisis management and response, and other private VIP security services for a broad range of clients worldwide. Providing an extensive range of security and safety-related services to corporate, private, and government clients, we are the international security provider trusted wherever we operate.





Consulting AND Risk Management

Travel AND Protective Services


Maritime Services

As an international private security company ASA can provide corporate travel security through a close protection service with one or more international executive security services. Global secure transport service with highly trained international services security drivers. Maritime protection services for ships navigating high-risk areas. Executive travel security for aviation, emergency, crisis, and management response international security services, and Country Threat and Risk Assessments. As one of the industries leading international security companies, many of our clients have become long-term users of our private security services because of our professionalism and efficiency.

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International corporate travel security services

International Private Security Services and Travel Risk Management Solutions

The core of our international private security management team operates with more than 150 years of shared knowledge and prowess in elite-level executive protection travel. This combined experience gives our employees the expertise, intelligence, and proficiency to action many travel risk management solutions to ensure our clients receive the most distinguished private security.
International offices in eight countries help us to operate globally, where we provide executive travel security bespoke to suit a client's specific needs. Our international private security service provides bespoke consulting and risk management solutions, VIP travel protection, and more.


With decades of experience providing security solutions for our international clientele, we’ve expanded substantially as a global security firm. We have permanently staffed offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and UK, and partners across every continent, we have a truly global reach with international expertise and extensive local knowledge.​


As global security specialists, ASA are called upon to operate numerous projects where individuals or groups require private security annually. Our international private security Services are highly trained and have conducted detailed protection projects worldwide to provide VIPs with the utmost level of personal security. Global protection services are something our dedicated team is vastly experienced in and we are ready to ensure the safety and well-being of the people we care for as a travel security agency.​

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Why Us?

Need an Experienced International Security Company? Contact ASA Security Services Today

ASA has enjoyed continual growth over the past twenty-plus years and built a globally respected reputation as one of the industry’s go-to security companies for personal and business, and VIP travel. We have and continue to provide protection for members of Royal Families, world leaders, government and NGOs, A-list entertainment and sports personalities, and other HNW individuals, globally. If you are looking for a private security company offering the ultimate privacy and excellence, contact us regarding your requirements today.

Meet Our Team


Private security companies are only as good as the team that runs them. ASA is superbly positioned across our senior management team and professional international private security personnel, from the Founder and Chairman, Simon Wagstaff BEM MIExpE, Director of Corporate Development, Ted Devereux FBIM FloD, and Director of Business Development, Graham Storey. With decades of combined experience in the British Army and the Royal Marines, as well as running multinational security companies, they are the team that coordinates and oversees all ASA private security company operations.


If you’re planning to travel and need the assistance of an international security company to make arrangements and provide a high-level security service for your business or personal trip. In that case, ASA is among the elite international security firms providing exceptional protection services globally. Our travel security services offer comprehensive operations to clients travelling by land, air, or sea. The team at ASA provides the best armed and unarmed protection and security services for peace of mind and assurance.


FAQs for International Travel Security Companies

Who is the top travel security agency in the world?

There are several international security consulting companies worldwide that offer travel security services. ASA is one of the truly elite security service companies for several reasons. The executive management team at ASA has extensive industry knowledge, having previous experience in the armed forces and running several multinational security firms. As well as the senior management team, we work with an exceptional group of international security specialists who come with expertise gained from the military, special forces, law enforcement, and corporate travel security backgrounds. Our private and international corporate security services are recognized and requested globally.

Do you offer an international Private Security Service?

ASA services international travel plans for many clients with a travel security service. As an established international security firm with a background of more than twenty years of experience operating high-level security worldwide and supplying our clientele with an international protection service, we are well regarded and recognized as being one of the best companies to deliver travel security.

Why does my company need private security for international travel?

There are several key reasons why your company would benefit from a superior security service. International companies often have high-level executives traveling globally, where they may be at risk from threats such as kidnapping and social unrest to the theft of intellectual property and sensitive corporate information. Employing international private security companies to carry out Country Threat and Risk Assessments and provide executive protection travel services can be crucial to conducting business in many regions around the globe.

Are the international security Services at ASA Security Services fully licensed?

ASA is demanding when it comes to the protection personnel we use. As a leading personal security provider, international services are controlled by fully accredited and certified international security services. Our protection employees have a background in the armed forces, military, law enforcement, and private security. In many cases, our global travel security personnel will have a history involving more than one previous relevant career as well as years of working in various protection details with ASA globally.

Can I hire a personal traveling security Service to accompany me on my business trips?

You can have a travel security service provide protection when you conduct business in your home country or when you need to travel abroad. For different reasons, many clients require a traveling security service. ASA provides global travel security services for many government officials, CEOs and high-level executives of global companies, and travelers carrying delicate and sensitive corporate data. We can arrange business travel security services for low-level, low-profile protection, including escort duties to a full-strength, high-profile, high-threat armed operation.

Why is ASA Security Services considered one of the best international travel security companies worldwide?

We believe that we are recognized among the elite international security contractors for a combination of reasons that make us a prime choice when VIPs seek executive security services. International clientele, including royalty, public figures, and business executives, trust ASA as their travel security agency because we have a proven track record of providing the finest private security. International clients know they are getting a top-echelon security service with total privacy and discretion. We operate with a world-class team of employees who have also undergone the most stringent training to ensure we maintain our standards as one of the industry’s best international security consulting companies.

What makes you different from other international security consulting firms?

ASA provides all levels of executive travel security, from low-level protection and escorting services to a full-strength armed (where local law permits) operation in high-risk situations. We offer an international travel security service in the form of vetted secure live, monitored transport globally for our VIP customers that can include airside meet & greet with executive travel security. We act as a travel security consultant for companies with maritime assets and can offer physical international travel security options or consultation for clients operating in high-risk areas.


We are experts in Emergency/Crisis Management Response and have been involved in various projects, including post-9/11 operations, the Asian Tsunami in 2004, the Bangkok airport siege, the Japan Tsunami in 2011, and the civil unrest in Hong Kong in 2019, and Myanmar in 2020. As one of the top international security consulting firms, we provide FBO (Fixed Base Operation) services for private and corporate aircraft arriving at any of the hundreds of locations we work through to ensure fast, efficient, and safe passage for our clients. And we provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) through highly trained ASA executive protection travel employees who conduct comprehensive and discreet surveillance and counter-surveillance services.


International travel clients get the best security service from the finest team of security personnel, which sets us apart from other international security Service companies.