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Maritime security in Bangladesh is integral to freight shipping companies conducting business in the Bay of Bengal and the more expansive Indian Ocean. ASA Security Services is the best maritime security company in Bangladesh for offering safety at sea and in port to protect vessels, crew members, and cargo.

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Protect Your Ships Against Piracy And Armed Robbery With The Leading Bangladesh Maritime Security Company

With the fishing industry, tourism, and maritime trade being of the utmost importance to the region’s economic activities, it’s little wonder that these activities attract a certain amount of threat to the maritime security of Bangladesh. With economic opportunity comes piracy, armed robbery, illegal fishing, and illicit trade. You can protect your vessels and other marine assets with the help of ASA Security Services, one of the leading maritime security companies in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh maritime security

Your Crews Safety Is Our Bangladesh Maritime Security Services Top Priority

As much as your vessels and their cargo need to be secured, criminal pirate gangs threaten your crew members more. As an experienced Bangladesh maritime security company, industry data, and our experience has taught us that pirate groups prefer to kidnap crew for ransom. As a Bangladesh maritime security agency leading the way in anti-piracy measures and tactics, our Bangladesh maritime security service can protect your workforce and your ship and cargo and ensure the end destination is reached safely, securely, and on schedule.

Need Experienced Maritime Armed Specialists? Our Bangladesh Maritime Security Agency Can Assist

Because the Bay of Bengal and the more expansive Indian Ocean are treacherous bodies of water with perils, including piracy and robbery, maritime security companies in Bangladesh are essential to any maritime voyage. ASA maritime security of Bangladesh operates using highly skilled and ISPS-accredited British ex-military armed personnel. No detail gets overlooked or underestimated by our maritime security company in Bangladesh ensure a safe passage.

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With seven offices globally and a checkable history of providing top-quality private security services, ASA is the leading maritime security company in Bangladesh. We only deploy the industry’s best-trained and most experienced officers to operate maritime security in Bangladesh. We await your call to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

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How Our Bangladesh Maritime Security Services Work

As one of the leading Bangladesh maritime security companies, we offer a free consultation service where you can discuss your requirements and let any potential issues be known. From there, ASA’s Bangladesh maritime security agency will compose an action plan for implementing our Bangladesh maritime security service personnel on your ship or in your port facility.


Bangladesh maritime service

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If you find yourself needing Bangladesh maritime security services and want to be protected by the finest Bangladesh maritime security company, get in touch with us today and enjoy a free consultation with a member of our team. An expert in the maritime security of Bangladesh awaits your call.


Bangladesh Maritime Security Companies FAQs

What are the maritime security threats in Bangladesh?

The maritime security of Bangladesh has long been an issue due to various criminal activities. The region has suffered heavily from piracy, robbery, terror attacks, illegal fishing, and other illicit trade.

What is the maritime security strategy of Bangladesh?

Due to its vast ecosystem, maritime jurisdiction should be regionalised with integrated ocean planning and management. Bangladesh must promote and develop marine industries as they are core components of its economy and drive employment growth. The maritime security of Bangladesh plays an essential role in the plan to ensure that the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal areas are safe for shipping companies to conduct commerce.

Have sea piracy incidents in Bangladesh decreased over the years?

Incidents of piracy in Bangladesh have decreased in the past few years, although those figures might not be telling the whole truth. As an experienced Bangladesh maritime security agency, we saw acts of piracy decrease in 2020 and 2021, although maybe mainly partly due to the global pandemic and shipping companies not being near as prolific.