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Are you a VIP in need of a private security bodyguard in Indonesia? We are the most distinguished security company to secure the services of a personal body guard Indonesia-wide.

With a staff that boasts more than 150 years of combined work experience, We are an accomplished global leader in the private security bodyguard industry.

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Protecting VIPs Throughout Indonesia with our Armed Bodyguard Indonesia Service

In our history of providing private bodyguard service to VIPs, none of our clients have ever been placed within arm’s reach, and as a result, we are the most trusted security agency by VIPs for protection throughout Indonesia.

We integrate the highest standards of security measures, coupled with a troop of armed bodyguards carefully selected from a mass of former military servicemen and executive protection institute alums. Each armed bodyguard for hire is highly trained to put a VIP’s welfare before anything else.

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When You Choose us for a Personal Bodyguard In Indonesia, You'll Experience Complete Peace of Mind

Choosing us to handle your safety affairs is just one of many steps to assure you complete peace of mind while focusing on more important things. Our highly skilled Indonesian bodyguard services armed agents, trained to identify, process, and avert security breaches before they become threats and secure your well-being around the clock.

One of the advantages of ending your search for a “personal bodyguard for hire near me” at our personal bodyguard agency in Indonesia is that aside from eliminating security threats, we also handle our clients’ public appearances to ensure they stay out of trouble.

Hiring a Licenced Personal Security Bodyguard In Indonesia is Made Easy With Our Assistance

One prevalent opinion people hold is that a private security bodyguard is a luxury limited to celebrities, politicians, and corporate executives. That, however, is not the case because everyone faces one or several security threats daily.

We have made it easier for you to hire a licensed private armed bodyguard in Indonesia. Our Indonesian bodyguard services have made protection very affordable and easy to access. If you think your safety could be compromised, contact us today to learn more about how you can hire a personal Indonesia bodyguard.

As The Premier Personal Bodyguard Agency In Indonesia, Our Reputation Goes Before Us

We are the premier personal bodyguard agency in Indonesia, with decades of experience under our belt. Our clientele for our private body guard services is extensive, from international and local athletes to pop stars, politicians, heads of foreign corporations, business executives, NGO officers, and other high-profile personalities

Over the years, our private body guard service has come to be entrusted with the security of many important people conducting business within Indonesia, and you can be confident that we will replicate the same high level of security intelligence with you.

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From a Security Chauffeur to a Private Armed Bodyguard, We Provide Comprehensive Indonesian Bodyguard Services

We are the premier provider of executive protection services that provides a body guard in Indonesia and the rest of South East Asia by extension. We are committed to serving our clients to the fullest and ensuring they enjoy the highest security and convenience possible. We offer an array of safety and protection services, including security chauffeurs and a personal armed bodyguard in Indonesia for hire.


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Are you looking for a “personal bodyguard for hire near me?” We are delighted to answer your questions about beefing up security around you and address your safety concerns. Our company takes pride in confidentiality, and all information we share remains classified. Reach out to us today, and we’ll have our team of private bodyguard service experts attend to you. You can contact us via telephone or email or fill out a contact form, and we will get back to you immediately.