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ASA’s Close Protection and VIP security services will provide distinguished individuals protection while engaged in business within Hong Kong, whether they are travelling for personal motives or for work. It is possible to enjoy peace of mind, security, freedom, and absolute security by collaborating with ASA to arrange world-renowned private security in Hong Kong.

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Setting the criterion of executive security services in Hong Kong, we have operated an exceptional private security bodyguard unit with years of experience gained within the armed forces. Our unparalleled Hong Kong personal protection services are a first-class security service for HNWs, VIPs, and well-known individuals. This ensures safe travel in the entire region. If you require executive protection in Hong Kong, the military-trained personnel at our service can respond to enormous pressure in any situation.

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Enjoy Total Satisfaction With ASA's Exclusive Close Protection In Hong Kong

Travelling in peace, sheltered by the fact you have an experienced and knowledgeable personal security officer in Hong Kong monitoring your every move to protect you from any risk, is an inestimable asset. With the safe and secure environment constructed by ASA’s close protection in Hong Kong, you’ll be able to enjoy your travels and be sure that your safety and welfare are protected by our VIP close protection officer.

Employ The Best Private Security In Hong Kong Using ASA Security Services

We have delivered executive protection in Hong Kong and globally since the company began operating in 1999. The ASA team has upwards of 150 years of expertise in close protection VIP security. Our clients in the region know they’re receiving top-quality VIP protection security. Every private security bodyguard we work with to provide executive protection is trained to perform under extreme pressure but remain focused and calm while protecting the principal.

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The exacting standards of safety offered by our VIP close protection in the region provide industry-leading levels of private security in Hong Kong for those with a significant profile while conducting personal or business concerns. Wherever you go and for what reason, you can navigate under the watchful eyes of a personal security officer in Hong Kong, with an unrivalled and well-established level of safekeeping against any potential risks. We provide bodyguard executive protection services that outperform all other Hong Kong executive protection companies.

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Multiple situations call for a close protection officer in Hong Kong. You may be a well-known figure or wealthy person, which makes executive protection essential to ensure your safety on the road. Once a decision is made on the level of security you need, which ranges from unarmed to armed bodyguard executive protection, you can position an appointment with a private protection services consultant at ASA to detail your security requirements.


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Over the past 20+ years, we’ve offered close protection VIP security and have an impressive number of clients who confirm the fidelity of our personal bodyguards. The quality of our executive security services is used worldwide and has had great success. If you require operation executive security in Hong Kong for a forthcoming event, contact us to speak with a specialist on our Hong Kong close protection services today!


Bodyguard VIP Protection FAQs

What's the procedure to employ a private bodyguard in Hong Kong through ASA Security Services?

As one of the premier personal protection companies in Hong Kong, ASA sets first-class standards for privacy protection services and makes it easy for our clientele to avail of our services. If you are aware of the amount of protection you’ll need from a private bodyguard, or you’re looking for us to carry out an assay to find out the exact security needs of your situation and plan the entire process to the highest level of detail. We provide private bodyguards for hire in Hong Kong who are expertly trained and have military experience. All you have to do is call us to inquire about our valuable executive security services, and then we will create your bespoke security plan.

How do ASA Security Services ensure adequate VIP convoy protection in Hong Kong's heavy traffic conditions?

It is commonplace for personal protection companies in Hong Kong to include a team of security-trained chauffeurs to provide VIP convoy protection. Security chauffeurs typically are experienced in chauffeuring clients with high profiles and have extensive education in evasive and defensive driving methods. Our VIP security services in Hong Kong also work with local authorities to ensure safe and comfortable travel when conducting executive protection operations.

Can you expand on the role of a personal security guard in Hong Kong with ASA Security Services?

The duties of a personal bodyguard in Hong Kong may be diverse and broad according to the specific situation. An ASA personal security guard in Hong Kong could include the control of crowds and being able to detect suspicious behaviour, as well as the presence of individuals who are not authorised to be in the area. Private bodyguards for hire in Hong Kong can also include driving clients as security chauffeurs and employing defensive or evasive driving techniques to leave the scene in the case of a security risk. Private protection services may also call for an officer to conduct vulnerability checks within a client’s residential property or public place.

If I am searching for high-end protection, can ASA Security Services provide a personal bodyguard in Hong Kong at short notice?

While it’s reasonable to conclude that security plans are simpler to create with more time before the operation occurs, you can also employ a personal security guard in Hong Kong from ASA with limited notice. Our services for bodyguard VIP protection include various options, and we can take last-minute requests to provide executive protection throughout the region.

What makes ASA Security Services unique from other Hong Kong executive protection companies?

ASA has well-established itself among the most reputable companies providing operation executive security in Hong Kong due to its history of delivering outstanding VIP close protection services worldwide for over 20 years. The management at the top of the pyramid within ASA has vast private security experience and an armed forces background. The executive protection services team we employ are all highly trained ex-military personnel with extensive knowledge of the region’s security. We provide bodyguard executive protection personnel used by the royal family as well as celebrities, athletes, Hollywood A-listers, celebrities, politicians, and corporations. We have a stellar safety record, and many of our clients are returning clients because of the services we offer, as well as the level of confidence that comes from the presence of a personal security officer.

What is the distinction between an ASA private bodyguard and an ordinary bodyguard in Hong Kong?

ASA has been operating a premium service for VIP customers to choose a close protection officer in Hong Kong since 1999. Because of the diverse military backgrounds of our top management, workplace-based executive protection experts, and highly trained personal bodyguards, we can provide the highest quality in-sector assistance. We offer VIP protection services comprising a complete plan for each security aspect. We plan to ensure the security of the principal throughout the day, and many of our clients return to us since they have confidence in us and the executive protection services we supply.

What essential qualities must a close protection officer in Hong Kong with ASA Security Services have?

Every personal security officer in Hong Kong is a veteran of law enforcement, military or private security. Security officers are highly educated, experienced, skilled, and the finest. They’ve protected all types of individuals, from A-listers to politicians. Our personal bodyguards are all certified and trained to carry firearms when permitted.

What is the personal bodyguard cost in Hong Kong compared with industry standards?

For those who require the services of a personal bodyguard in Hong Kong, cost is a significant aspect. Personal bodyguard cost in Hong Kong varies, as does the quality of services you receive. ASA is not interested in being viewed as a low-cost option for executive protection services. Our clientele requires the best level of personal security, which is what we offer. However, you do get what you pay for with bodyguard VIP protection. When we discuss close protection in Hong Kong, we’re debating scenarios that could potentially be life-threatening. Therefore, we don’t take risks with the personal bodyguards we employ or the process of planning the in-depth protection of our principals.