Physical Access Control and Penetration Testing

An often overlooked component of data and system security, physical security is your first defense against industrial espionage. The most comprehensive network security will not make a difference if someone has the ability to gain direct access to a keyboard, or even worse, the ability to steal your hardware.

The most important objective for a physical penetration test is to evaluate the existing physical security controls. Starting here allows our experts to uncover their weaknesses and make improvements before bad actors can exploit them.

Access control, physical penetration testing, or physical intrusion testing, will reveal real-world oversights that could lead to malicious insiders or bad actors to compromise physical barriers such as cameras, sensors, locks, and other such security measures. Allowing for unauthorized physical access to sensitive areas leading up to data breaches and compromising of the system.


Flaws in physical security


Real world risks to your organization


Leverage information gathered to address critical issues