International Due Diligence

Do you really know who you’re doing business with?

Do you have all the necessary information to make a good decision?

If you feel uncertain about either of these questions due diligence is the best way forward. It is an objective way to evaluate the risks involved in conducting business with a specific individual, partner, or company. Your experience in Asia might be limited, or you might have been here for decades but know the value of evidence-based business decisions built upon concrete facts.

International due diligence separates successful relationships from ones that could cost you resources, time, money, and reputation. The ASA Group has been a trusted provider of due diligence investigations in Asia since 1999, contact us today.


From the comprehensive information needed to make financial and business decisions.


That claims about reputation, previous business dealings, and holdings are substantiated before you sign.


Costly mistakes and possible legal consequences caused by lack of complete knowledge of individuals and corporate dealings.


Bring to light and address information you otherwise would not know existed.

Global Due Diligence – Corporate Due Diligence

If your company wants to be successful on a global, scale due diligence will be a key factor in your success. The ASA Group team is highly experienced and assists with corporate clients on a daily basis.

All of our investigation methods are discreet, confidential, and thorough. We report details that will help your company make the best decision for the short-term and long-term future.

Providing a comprehensive set of tools to provide you the ability to navigate today’s complex business environment in unchartered waters.